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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Baker Days Easter Cakes*

I was recently offered the opportunity to sample a cake from Baker Days' Easter range; now if you know me, you'll know I never say no to cake, particularly if it's chocolate, so lo and behold a couple of days later this lovely little package dropped through my letterbox - literally, as I received the Chocolate Letterbox Cake* with the Easter Chicks design, which you can find here. Securely packaged in an un-marked white box (perfect if you're sending it as a gift... or just don't want your family to know you're getting cake in the post!) which should easily fit through all letterboxes, the cake is presented in a lovely branded tin with clear instructions about how to remove it without damaging it.
Baker Days Easter Cake
Baker Days Cake
Also included in the box was a card, and a little packet of Love Hearts sweets - just in case there wasn't enough sugar!! The cake itself is nicely printed, with the Letterbox size being said to serve 3-4 - I actually ate it all myself over four days, because it was just that good (and I don't share cake...). The icing was sweet without being too sweet, whilst the chocolate sponge with chocolate chips is made with Belgian chocolate and tasted amazing. It actually kept much better than I expected, as well - I anticipated by the third and fourth days that the cake would be a little bit dry, but that wasn't the case at all!
Baker Days Easter Cake Instructions
Baker Days Easter Chicks Cake
You can see Baker Days' full range of Easter cakes on their website, and all the cakes are personalisable which would be a lovely touch! At £14.99 for the Letterbox-sized cake (plus a supplement for anything other than Vanilla Sponge), I initially thought this sounded quite expensive, but actually for the service you receive and when you think about buying a cake from a supermarket or bakery, it's not so bad. You could easily spend a tenner on a cake this size in a supermarket, and this comes in a lovely tin and direct to your doormat! It's definitely a service I'd consider in the future - not for myself as I have proven I'd only eat it, but as a gift for a friend I think it's a lovely idea! Have you ever had cake in the post? Is it the sort of service you'd use?

[*Product provided for consideration.]


  1. The cake sounds delicious! I'd probably eat it all by myself too...
    sammy xx

  2. Cake delivered by post..brilliant! xx

  3. Chcoolate cake with chocolate chips sounds divine - plus being delivered to your doorstep sounds perfect! The tin and the overall design is so cute - these would make lovely gifts!

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  4. Aww, how cute! I need to start my Easter baking soon. I think I may do my practice run of Hot Cross Buns tomorrow as you've made me super hungry!!!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  5. I love the idea of gifting a cake, especially for those you can't just pop around with a freshly baked one.

  6. I must admit that i feel like easter is being monetised - i'll just about tolerate easter eggs x

  7. I love the idea of getting cake in the post, and your little chicks are adorable!

  8. I love this, I reviewed one a few years ago and it is a fab idea x

  9. Seems like a fun service and a nice way to surprise someone :)

    Pink Frenzy

  10. What a lovely tin and beautiful cake!

  11. Ooh this looks great! I'd love to try their cakes! xx


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