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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Review | Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals All-In-One Powder*

I was recently sent a compact of Jerome Alexander's Magic Minerals*, which is described as a "Mineral Powder with Foundation, Correctors & Concealer all-in-one" - it sounded like a super-easy product for getting ready in a hurry, but I was fairly sure it was too good to be true. Read on to find out how I've been getting on!
Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals Foundation Review
"Magic Minerals covers, conceals and corrects all at once for a flawless look. This ultra-fine micronized powder is so smooth and light it naturally diminishes the appearance of age spots, dark circles and uneven skin-tone without caking or getting caught in wrinkles. Unique built-in Color Correctors hide skin imperfections instantly. Pink - Brightens pale, dull skin, giving a glow over the entire face. Lavender - Helps camouflage yellow and sallow skin complexions. Mint - For ruddy complexions, discolourations, blemishes or marks. For all areas of the face to camouflage and even out overall tone. Yellow - Covers discolouration under the eyes. Helps cover skin discolouration as well as bruises."
Magic Minerals Product Information
The pack includes the compact containing the Magic Minerals, which comes in the form of a pressed powder, along with a blending sponge and what is termed a "professional stubby brush" - to my eye, it's a miniature powder brush, but there you go. The brush feels to be of nice quality, with soft fluffy fibres and no shedding so far. The compact clicks open to reveal the Magic Minerals and a reasonable-sized mirror, which is always handy should you wish to touch up on-the-go. The Magic Minerals are a beige-coloured pressed powder with coloured pearls dotted throughout; these contain the four correcting pigments and make for quite an attractive product. I was immediately concerned by how dark the powder appeared, though, as I'm always wary of foundations making me look orange.
Magic Minerals
Upon application with the brush provided (ignoring the sponge as I'm really not a fan of this type of applicator!), I was pleasantly surprised to note that the coverage provided was much better than I anticipated - for some reason, I didn't have high hopes, but thankfully this turned out to be unfounded! In addition, the powder appeared to match my skin-tone quite well; it was maybe a touch too dark but only ever so slightly, and certainly not so that others would notice. I found that my uneven skin-tone was evened out well by the Magic Minerals, whilst blemishes were concealed quite nicely. My only remaining concern was dark shadows under my eyes; mine aren't particularly dark but they were still noticeable after application of the Magic Minerals, so if dark circles are a major concern for you I don't think this would provide enough coverage. Below, you can see my totally bare-skinned on the left, and wearing primer and the Magic Minerals on the right - you can see that redness is reduced on my cheeks and blemishes (including the red mark on my forehead where I banged my head on the side of the swimming pool, true story!), but my dark circles remain visible.
Magic Minerals before and after
Herein lies the other problem; all my concealers are liquid- or cream-based, meaning I don't really want to apply them over a powder product for fear of it looking cakey. That said, aside from the dark circles issue, my skin generally looked pretty good - even, smooth and bright without being cakey or overly powdery. Unfortunately, I found that oil started to come through pretty quickly on my forehead and nose (I do have hideously oily skin, but had hoped that it would fare a little better with a powder foundation. No such luck), which seemed to oxidise the powder quite badly, leaving me looking dirty - for want of a better word. In the areas where oil had come through, the powder darkens noticeably, meaning it looked like I had dark smudges on my face - not the look I'm going for, generally!
Magic Minerals FOTD
[Products used: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser; Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals*;
NARS Powder Blusher in 'Douceur'; MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Stereo Rose';
Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Brow Kit in 'Fairest of Them All'; 'Limber Up' & 'I Say Go'
from Makeup Revolution I ♥ Passion palette; Essence I ♥ Extreme Volume Mascara;
Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Voluptuous Violet'*]
I've also tried using this over a regular foundation and concealer, as more of a setting powder which offers a bit of extra coverage; it works well in this way, upping coverage and giving a nice finish without going cakey, but I had the same oxidation problem as oil came through, which is a real shame. I'm quite disappointed that this turned out not to work so well for me as it has a lot of promise and aside from the oxidation issue, it's a pretty good product; if your skin is less prone to oiliness and you don't have bad dark circles, I'd definitely recommend giving this a go as an easy-to-use all-in-one base product, but if you're oily like me I'd steer clear! Jerome Alexander's Magic Minerals are available here priced at £9.49. Have you tried Jerome Alexander's Magic Minerals? What do you think to all-in-one products like this? What's your favourite foundation?

[*Product provided for consideration.]


  1. Too bad it didn't work keeping you matte longer :( I hate powders which don't keep me matte

    Pink Frenzy

  2. aw my skin would eat this up, its that oily. the concept is interesting though

  3. This looks like a really interesting product. I'm not sure how my skin would react to it though. It's so temperamental at the mo!!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  4. Looks so good on you! Makes your skin look very smooth and even.

    Kerri @ Beauty & Things

  5. Looks nice, but prolly not for me :)

  6. I have this and really like it, I only use it on my cheeks after applying foundation x

  7. It's a shame that it didn't work well for dark circles and that it doesn't last long on oily skin- your skin looks really smooth though! Alice x

  8. Ahh it's a shame it didn't work for you lovely, it's such a pretty product I'd still like to try it!xx


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