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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Review | Dr. Jart+ Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner

I received this full-sized bottle of Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner in a Birchbox some time last year, but as I already had two toners in use, I decided to save it until I'd finished a bottle; I started using this mid-April so have been using it around a month now, so it's time to share my thoughts! Described as an "Oil control toner with sebum-absorbing powder", this sounded perfect for my skin, which is prone to extreme oiliness!
Dr Jart Pore Refine Toner Review
Dr Jart Pore Refine Toner
The pale-blue bottle with white lid is fitted with a pump which is a nice touch and makes for really easy use; I simply add 3-4 pumps to a cotton pad before wiping over cleansed skin each morning, as per the instructions. It feels nice and refreshing on the skin and leaves a matte effect without causing any dryness or irritation that I've noticed; I don't think there are any lasting mattifying effects after using it, as my skin still becomes shiny through my make-up after a couple of hours, but it's nice to have a matte base to start with! I've not noticed any effects on the dilated pores around my nose, either, so that's kind of the two main claims of this toner not being lived up to...
Dr Jart Tight Effect Toner
Dr Jart Toner Review Pore Refine Tight Effect
I have to admit, I'm a bit concerned about the ingredients of the Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner; it claims to be an alcohol-free toner, and yet the second ingredient listed on the BeautyBay site is Alcohol Denat... The actual bottle doesn't display the ingredients and it didn't come with any other packaging, so I have to assume the BeautyBay ones are correct - and as Alcohol Denat is one of the most drying forms of alcohol, I don't really want it in my skincare! For that reason, I don't see myself repurchasing once I've finished this bottle.
Dr Jart Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner Review
Dr Jart+ Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner is priced at £15.95 for 140ml and is available from BeautyBay here! Have you tried this toner, or any other Dr Jart+ products? What's your favourite toner?



  1. Oh no, that's a real shame - I LOVE the Dr Jart BB Cream and hoped the rest of their products would be as good!

  2. Oh that is a shame as I love Dr Jart but like you say, Alcohol is a bit of an issue for me x

  3. Since I have dry skin, I usually stay away from toners. It's awesome that Birchbox included a full size, but I agree alcohol in skin care is a no-no!

  4. i don't use it as most that are suited for oily skin has alcohol in it :S shame about this one especially

  5. Too bad about the ingredient list :( what a disappointment

    Pink Frenzy

  6. I don't use products with alcohol...anyway, It's a great review! :)

  7. It was a while ago now but I too had this and didn't find it to do anything for me, it's a shame!
    Amy x


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