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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Review | Organic Surge Volume Boost Shampoo & Conditioner

Constantly on the look-out for new SLS-free products to try, I decided to take advantage of a recent Organic Surge discount code to try a couple of products I've been meaning to order for months; their Volume Boost Shampoo & Conditioner claim to give body and strength to flyaway or fine hair. Both the shampoo & conditioner are packaged in squeezy tubes with flip-caps, with pretty branding (recently updated!) and clear product information and instructions. The caps are quite stiff to open, which is a concern for me as I'm regularly dropping shampoo on my feet in the shower and it bloomin' hurts!! Once I know about it, though, it's not so bad as long as I remember to be extra-careful...
Organic Surge Volume Boost Shampoo & Conditioner
Organic Surge Volume Boost Haircare
"With our Earth Balance fragrance, Volume Boost Shampoo gently washes away dirt and impurities to leave hair soft, strong and manageable. Strengthen with native wheat proteins, whilst a special blend of amino acids promises to keep your hair looking naturally healthy. Organic Surge Shampoo is free from harsh foaming agents that strip hair of its natural oils and can cause scalp irritation. Enjoy the lightweight lather created by naturally-derived ingredients." I find the scent of the shampoo really quite off-putting; I won't go into what it reminds me of but I can't get past the associations - I guess it's a citrus-type scent. Anyway, the texture is quite runny, meaning the shampoo is easy to work through the hair, and it creates quite a nice lather which is always reassuring. I generally shampoo twice because that's just how I roll.
Organic Surge Volume Boost ShampooOrganic Surge Volume Boost Conditioner
"Volume Boost Conditioner gently softens and strengthens hair without the commonly-used silicones that can weigh down fine hair. The caring formula is enriched with wheat proteins and coconut extracts to boost the appearance of volume, plus a special blend of amino acids promises to add body and shine to keep your hair looking naturally healthy." Thick and creamy in texture, the conditioner doesn't seem to have the same scent as the shampoo, for which I am extremely grateful; it doesn't really smell of anything much, which I have to admit I don't mind at all. I apply this to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, leaving it for a couple of minutes before combing through (I find this really helps to leave my hair silky-smooth!) and rinsing out; my hair is left feeling hydrated and smooth, but not weighted down.
I do have a very oily scalp, but I find that by the second morning after washing my hair still looks almost presentable; I still use dry shampoo if I'm going out anywhere, but less than I would often need to and mostly through habit. This is one of the better duos I've tried recently in terms of controlling the oiliness of my scalp and if only I could get past the scent of the shampoo, I think I'd be onto a winner! Organic Surge Volume Boost Shampoo (250ml) and Conditioner (200ml) are priced at £6.95 each, or are available as a bundle for £12.95 - saving you 95p, which isn't a huge amount I know, but every little helps! What's your favourite shampoo/conditioner duo? Do you have any SLS-free recommendations for oily scalps? I'd love to hear them!! What are your favourite Organic Surge products?



  1. I haven't heard of this brand, but it looks great. I definitely think organic products for the hair are the best thing. great review x

  2. I have quite an oily scalp, and it sounds like these have helped yours a little bit - sometimes if I wash my hair early in the morning, the roots can be looking a bit oily in the night time, I should give these a go!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. I love finding a great organic shampoo and conditioner, too bad the smell of this was off though! Juice Organics has great options, and they smell great! :)

  4. Gotta love organic! I've never heard of the brand before but I am curious!

  5. Ive never tried the haircare but I am a fan of the skinare range, so maybe one day it might be worth giving this a go x

  6. These sound brilliant! xx

  7. did you find it gave you much volume after using it? I'm still on a look out for a great volumising duo!

    1. To be honest, I didn't really notice - I tend to choose volume shampoos as I find they're less prone to aggravating my oily scalp and help my hair to last longer between washes. These didn't weigh my hair down at all so I guess they're worth a shot!? That's not much help, sorry!! xo

  8. I love trying organic shampoos. That sucks its runny though, I always waste a lot of product when they are runny!

  9. I'm pretty sure I have samples of this actually, I'll have to hunt through my samples drawer to have a look now x

  10. i use Neutrogena for my oily scalp and has been working really well :) Will give these a shot if I see them about since I'm always up for a new product to test x

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  11. These sound pretty good; I really want to try more from this brand. xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life


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