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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Wishlist | Etsy Homewares

There's something about the warmer, brighter days that makes me want to have a good ol' clear-out and fill my life with pretty, practical things; my plans for today involve a lovely spring-clean of my room! Since moving back in with my parents last year, I've been very limited on space - I don't really have a level surface in my room that doesn't have something on it, so I definitely don't have room for any of these beautiful bits & pieces I've spotted on Etsy, but a girl can look, hey?! I hadn't realised I had quite such a thing for geometric items...
Etsy Homewares Wishlist
I really, really want a terrarium - there's just something so beautiful about them, I'd love a little display of three or four of them with different succulents in. The geometric design on these handmade cream & sugar jars is just beautiful and I love the colours, too. Owls are another of my 'things', I love the colour of this little guy and he'd be useful to have around too! What's not to love about a stripey llama?! I can't actually think of anything, this is also available as a downloadable pattern or a cross-stitch kit to make your own, I'm pretty tempted by that... I love the idea of prints that group together like this octopus, I'm not sure what sort of room he'd fit with but he's lovely nonetheless. More geometry - these hexagonal shelves are awesome and would be perfect for displaying little trinkets - like, say, terrariums... I love the black & white contrast of the birch pillow, this would look lovely on just about any sofa. Finally, the marbled concrete planters are super pretty, I'd easily fill them with little cacti. Maybe they could join my terrariums!?
Do you shop on Etsy much? I can easily lose hours browsing and favourite-ing away... I'd love if you could share any of your favourite sellers! Which of my picks is your favourite?



  1. Loving the entire list and I would love a Terranium, it is my latest 'thing' x

  2. Lovee the hexagon shelves! xx

  3. I always forget to look on Etsy for home wears, I'm loving all your picks especially the terrarium.

  4. wow loving that pillow and Cream & Sugar Set

  5. Oh the shelves are adorable I want them :) http://ninasbargainbeauty.blogspot.com

  6. oooh some great picks here. I'll be honest I've never shopped on etsy before, maybe should now? x

  7. These items look super creative - the mint owl is awesome!

    Have a great day!
    Anna x
    Pattern Of Taste | Our Youtube channel

  8. The little owl holder is adorable!

  9. Those hexagon shelf looks great, loved your list dear :)


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