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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Scrapbook Accents

I posted last month about the scrapbook I've been putting together to keep some of 2015's memories; I filled almost half of it with my weekend in Milan, but I've been adding bits and pieces since from gigs I've been to and other things I've been getting up to, and thought I'd share a little update, along with some of the new accents I've been including!
The Blackout Scrapbook Page
Born Pretty very kindly sent me this roll of glittery tape* (£1.60 here) which I've been using to add a bit of sparkle here and there; I've also been adding it into my planner to highlight important days and just brighten it up a bit. There are several colours available and there's every chance I'll order a couple more as I do love a bit of glitter in my life! I also received these lovely little stickers* which are on a clear plastic backing so they look like intricate embellishments, but they're super easy to stick in! For £1.28 here you get 70 stickers in an assortment of designs - I've got hearts, bows, butterflies, and some plain shapes which will be nice layered with other stickers. This page is basically a couple of gigs I've been to  - The Used back in February, and The Blackout in March; I do still need to write in on quite a few of these newer pages...
Colour Run Scapbook Page
For my Colour Dash pages, I used my entry pack bag as a background for my race number and one photo, as I really loved the swirly rainbow thing it had going on, and I also ordered these pretty lace-effect tapes (below) from Amazon, £1.23 for five rolls here. Again, these have been lovely for adding a little something to my scrapbook pages, and I've actually been marking my (rare!) days off in my planner with them, too. These are on a plastic backing so you just cut off the amount you want, peel off the backing and stick it down - easy! The blue stars at the bottom of this page are actually stamps from a pen I ordered from Born Pretty (£1.30 here); they're really quick to add in and I think they look lovely. I still need to add some actual writing to these pages as well, but I'll get round to that at some point, I'm sure...
Colour Run Scrapbook Page 2
Remember you can get 10% off across the whole Born Pretty website using my discount code 'JESSMK31' at checkout! They stock a huge range of products from stationery supplies like these through to make-up, nail art products and jewellery, so it's definitely worth a browse.
Quite a few people commented on my last post saying they'd like to keep a scrapbook but don't have the time; I always used to think that, but I've found that even just ten minutes here and there can add up to a lovely collection of memories! I've got a massive envelope which I use to just keep tickets and other bits & pieces together until I have chance to assemble another page or two. Remember scrapbooking is meant to be a fun hobby so it's not about a massive time commitment, and I've really been enjoying adding to mine when I've got half an hour to spare. Do you keep a scrapbook? What sort of things do you use to decorate yours?

[*Product provided for consideration. Prices correct at time of writing but may fluctuate with exchange rates.]
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  1. I've always wanted to do a scrapbook! Yours looks amazing!! And love that glittery tape!! X

    1. Aw thanks Bethany! You can't beat a bit of sparkle, eh!? :) xo

  2. Ooh I love the sound of this. I tried scrapbooking once and was totally crap at it, it wound me up and nothing looked right x

    1. Ah what a shame! I guess for me the main thing is getting the memories down, making it look pretty is second priority :) x

  3. What a lovely idea! I really want to take time to do stuff like this, especially to show my children one day! I find that all our memories photos etc are all online nowadays! Nothing is better than flicking through a photo album or a scrapbook! Great post! xx


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