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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review | Miss Sporty Mission Correction Multi-Action Foundation

Miss Sporty is a brand I don't really hear much about, despite the vast number of blog posts I read on a weekly basis; a budget brand found in Boots and Superdrug, they offer a range of basic products at purse-friendly prices. Personally, I really like their nail polishes and their mascaras are pretty good too, whilst one of my favourite blushers is also a Miss Sporty number. Recently, I picked up a bottle of their new Mission Correction Multi-Action Foundation, which claims to offer a concealer, foundation and highlighter all in one handy bottle.
Miss Sporty Mission Correction Multi-Action Foundation Review
I have shade 001 'Ivory' which I believe is the lightest of the four shades available, the others being 'Light', 'Medium' and 'Dark'. The bottle is made of plastic and is fitted with one of those pumps that pulls a plunger-like thing up from the bottom of the bottle, meaning you really do get every last drop of product out of the bottle; I wish more brands used these as I think they're brilliant! Packaging aside, what about the foundation itself?
Miss Sporty Mission Correction Foundation Review
"All in one foundation: Concealer, Foundation & Highlighter • Lightweight formula for an undetectable correction • Second skin effect for all day long comfort • Perfecting formula that leaves the skin soft, fresh and flawless. Recommended for all skin types. Dermatologist tested."
Of course, the risk with many-in-one products like this is that rather than doing one thing well, they do several things badly. I'll admit I was dubious when I purchased this, but I thought it was worth a try for the price, and 'Ivory' seemed to match my skin quite nicely; it's maybe a touch darker than I'd ideally like, but it blends out to work pretty well for me. Below you can see my bare skin on the left, and Miss Sporty Mission Correction Multi-Action Foundation applied over primer on the right.
Miss Sporty Mission Correction Foundation Review Before After
In terms of coverage, I'd say this is medium-full; I still need to add concealer over particularly dark circles, areas of pigmentation or blemishes, as seen above, but if you're in a hurry then I guess it's nice to have a base product which might allow you to skip the concealer on a good-skin day. In terms of the highlighter - I was a bit concerned that this would be a total nightmare for my oily skin, but there doesn't seem to be a shimmery finish or anything like that. It does literally just brighten the skin up; I don't know how it does it, but it does seem to! Again, I'd still generally add highlighter separately to my cheekbones and down my nose, but for super-quick throwing-on-a-face make-up, this is nice to have.
The finish it offers is semi-matte, in my opinion, probably partly due to the highlighting effect; the skin doesn't look dull or flat, but nor does it look shiny or oily. As always with my base products, I powder over it anyway to give a matte finish and help prolong wear-time; my skin is so oily that skipping powder isn't an option for me. I've found the wear time to be pretty good, with the coverage starting to become patchy after around 6-8 hours' wear, depending on the weather and what I've been doing. Oil comes through well before that though and I need to blot and add powder usually within the hour.
Miss Sporty Mission Correction Foundation FOTD
[The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver; Miss Sporty Mission Correction
Multi-Action Foundation in 001 'Ivory'; Soap & Glory Kick-Ass Concealer in 'Light';
George Silky Finishing Powder; Essence Blush Up! Powder Blusher in 'Heat Wave';
Non.U Brow Pencil in #5; Born Pretty Qiaoyan Eye Palette #5;
Essence I ♥ Extreme Mascara]
Miss Sporty Mission Correction Multi-Action Foundation is available in four shades, priced at £3.99 for 27.3ml from Boots and Superdrug. For a budget brand you could certainly do far worse and I would recommend picking this up if you're looking for a purse-friendly base to try, and can find a shade match. Have you tried any products from Miss Sporty? Do you have a favourite budget foundation?



  1. This looks like a lovely foundation for the price, great for day to day wear.
    I need to purchase a cheaper foundation as mine has run out and I'm currently using Mac all the time, which I tend to keep for nights out rather than popping up the shop!
    May give this a go.

    1. It's definitely worth a shot, Leanne, if you can find a shade match! I've definitely tried far worse. xo

  2. This looks like a great foundation. I have to be really careful picking foundations as I sensitive skin and I've found Estee Lauder and Clarins to be the best, but they are pricey. I might have to sample this to see how it goes! :)

    1. Ah what a shame! At least with a budget product there's not a lot at stake if your skin doesn't like it - although it's sometimes best to stick to what you know works and not risk upsetting it! xo

  3. I love the way this looks on your skin, healthy and a little dewy but I dont think that it would be matte enough for my super oily skin :( xxx

    1. Aw thanks Laura! My skin is incredibly oily and I have to admit this foundation is not brilliant at coping with that, but it's an otherwise decent base for the price! xo

  4. I think this looks great on your skin, I suspect it is too much coverage for me as I like mine to be quite light x

  5. miss sporty was a brand i used as a teen as i couldnt afford anything else haha id prefer a full matte coverage than semi. it doesn't look too bad though

  6. I like the coverage in your after picture, unsure if I will try it though; I prefer more of a flawless coverage. Great post x

  7. This looks like it gives a good coverage and the price is really good as well. At the moment I'm obsessed with Bourjois Nude Sensation foundation x

    Pink Frenzy

  8. I'm really impressed with this foundation, it does such a good job for the price tag!

    Frankie | Crazyblondegal

  9. Looks like a lovely foundation, looks great on you. KBxx



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