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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Review | Born Pretty Under-Eye Sheet Masks*

I was recently very kindly sent some products to try out from Born Pretty, one being these Under-Eye Sheet Masks* which I found intriguing as I've seen similar products in the past, but at several times the price. I figured it couldn't hurt to see how I got on with these as I'm increasingly noticing dark circles under my eyes, as well as the beginnings of some fine lines. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind getting a few lines here and there, as I really do think they add character to a face; that said, I also don't mind holding them off for a few years yet!
Born Pretty Store Under Eye Sheet Masks
The packaging is pretty basic, as you can see, and offers little in the way of product information or instruction; thankfully, the product page on Born Pretty's website provides instructions on how to use the masks. Basically, you need to thoroughly cleanse the skin before opening the masks, removing the plastic backing and applying to the under-eye area for 20-30 minutes; it's recommended that you use every 2-3 days for best results.
Born Pretty Under Eye Sheet Masks
I found these really easy to apply - the backing peeled off easily and the gel-like texture of the masks adheres to the skin really well. They're also easy to reposition so you can play around with where you put them if needs be. Once they're on, though, they stay on really nicely and I didn't feel like I needed to keep messing with them or pressing them back down; I could tell they were there but not in an uncomfortable way. The masks have a lovely cooling sensation on the skin which I really enjoyed for the half an hour I was wearing them. Below you can see my 'before' photo at the top, and 'after' underneath.
Born Pretty Eye Masks Before & After
I'm not sure how well these, worked, to be honest - I think I can see a slight reduction in my dark circles in the before/after photos above but that could just be wishful thinking! What do you think? That said, they felt so nice to use and they come in at just £1.17 for the pair, a far more affordable eye mask option than many I've seen previously! I would consider buying these again just as a little relaxing treat if nothing else - you can find them on Born Pretty's website here, and remember you can get 10% off anything across the whole site by entering my code 'JESSMK31' at checkout.
Have you ever tried under-eye masks? What have your experiences been? Would you try a budget version like these?

[*Product provided for consideration.]
[Prices correct at time of writing but may fluctuate with exchange rates.]


  1. You can see a slight reduction between the two photos, but they do remind me of those nose strips!

  2. You can definitely see a difference and as the mister said, they do remind me of those Biore nose strips x

  3. ive used many masks likes these but they were on the expensive side. i can see a tad difference :)

  4. This looks so amazing! I used to think these stuff never work.

  5. Your under eye area looks so much brighter! I love eye masks <3

    Pink Frenzy

  6. OMG! these surely work! I gotta try them. :)


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