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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Here's Why You Need To Try Applying Your Eyeshadow Wet

Recently I've developed a real thing for applying my eyeshadow with a dampened brush; I'm sure we all know the frustration of a gorgeous eyeshadow that looks beautiful in the pan but as soon as it touches your skin it becomes chalky and sadly lacking in pigmentation. A damp brush can help! Here are my top five reasons for trying out applying your eyeshadows wet:
Here's Why You Need To Try Applying Your Eyeshadow Wet
Pigmentation | Using a dampened brush makes the colours of your eyeshadows appear much more vibrant, so for any shadows you have which are a let-down when it comes to pigmentation - a damp brush could be all it takes to make them bright and beautiful! I mentioned recently in my review of Born Pretty's Qiaoyan Silky Eyeshadow Palette* that applying damp makes a real difference to the pigmentation of these shadows. Here, for example, the left-hand swatch of the bronze shadow in the middle of the palette is dry, whilst on the right I applied with a dampened brush; you can see how much more pigmented it appears!
Applying Eyeshadows Wet
Metallic finish | A metallic finish is pretty on-trend right now, and applying eyeshadow with a damp brush is a great way to achieve this finish - particularly when it comes to baked shadows, like ELF's Studio Baked Eyeshadow Palettes in 'NYC' and 'Seattle' - I always apply these damp as it gives a gorgeous, almost foiled effect to the shadows!
Longevity | I often find that eyeshadow creases or fades after a few hours, possibly due to how oily my skin is; I'm not sure, but I do know it isn't a good look! Applying damp seems to reduce this problem for me; shadows which previously would be looking pretty poor after a shift at work, still look just as fresh as when I applied them - I think I'm onto a winner here. If you struggle with eyeshadow that won't stay put, try applying damp.
Versatility | For shadows which are nicely pigmented dry, applying them damp can bring out a whole new shade; it might be that shimmers stand out more, you get more of a colour shift, or a more intense colour comes through. Either way, you can make your shadows more versatile by trying them damp to see how they look! Here I've got Stila's 'Kitten' from the In The Light palette; it's super-pretty applied dry (on the left) for a subtle, shimmery champagne shade, but applying it damp (on the right) brings out a gorgeous pearlescent effect.
Stila Kitten Swatch Dry & Damp
Texture | Some eyeshadows are just a little on the chalky side, or throw up a bit too much fallout when you apply them; applying damp reduces this problem and really improves the texture of problematic shadows, in my experience. If you've got a gorgeous shadow that you just never use because of the mess involved - give it a try with a damp brush!
Do you ever apply your eyeshadows damp? Are there any other benefits you've noticed?

[*Product provided for consideration.]


  1. I have never applied my eyeshadows damp before, I will give it a go myself later and see how they look. Great tip!

    Lauren x


  2. With baked eyeshadows this is the best application, with the sparkly glittery eyeshadows where the wet brush does not really do much is best to use your finger or the classic shitty applicator. Sounds funny but it works great. I just tap it on the lid and everything stays in place. Another trick for great pigmentation and set up is to mist the brush with a little bit of makeup setting spray before you reach the eyeshadow pan. Great post Jess, I loved it !

  3. Some god points! I never apply without a primer x

  4. i usually apply my eyeshadows with damp brush .. its easier that way

  5. I tend to use my baked eyeshadows wet as I find them to be a little chalky otherwise. I love how it can intensify a shade that I otherwise wouldn't get any use from. x

    Jordan Alice

  6. I do it sometimes, makes my life simpler! :)

  7. I spray makeup fixing spray to my brush before getting shadows which are not as pigmented or loose pigments x

  8. I've never tried it unless they've been baked shadows but I will definitely give it a go with those eyeshadows in my stash that are really pretty in colour but have disappointing payoff :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  9. I agree a 100%! Applying eyeshadow wet was a game changer for me, especially during my first makeup palettes from eBay that were crap! haha great post x

  10. This has been something that I have done for years upon years, you get such a better colour pay off! xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  11. This makes a lot of difference. I like using a base sometimes.


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