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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Five-Brush Face

I should start by saying that prior to starting blogging, the only make-up tools I owned were the foam applicators that come with eyeshadow; I simply had no idea that how you applied your make-up was just as important as what you applied, if not more so! (Have a peek at this post for more things I've learnt from blogging...). How times have changed; whilst I don't have the largest collection of make-up brushes by any means, I have a fair number which are used on a regular basis. Sometimes, though, it's nice to take things back to basics - if only because it means fewer brushes to wash! Whittling down your tools is also handy for travelling, as carrying umpteen brushes can really bulk up your make-up bag. So, this is how I apply a full face using only five brushes...
Five Brush Beauty
The five brushes in question are... the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Powder Brush, ELF Studio Blush Brush, Born Pretty Round Brush from this five-brush set*, and a generic brow brush which has definitely seen better days... Yeah, I need to get that replaced!
Makeup With Minimal Brushes
Starting with the Expert Face Brush (this is a real multi-tasker!), I buffed The Body Shop's Vitamin C Skin Reviver into my skin, followed by Rimmel's Match Perfection Light Perfecting Foundation in 'Ivory'; I admit this isn't my favourite foundation when it comes to coverage as it's a little on the light side for my needs, but it is super-easy to apply and gives a lovely finish once powdered down. I topped up coverage where necessary (read: under my eyes!) with Soap & Glory's Kick-Ass Concealer in 'Light', applied with my fingers and blended out gently with the Expert Face Brush again. The same brush also came in for applying and blending theBalm's How 'Bout Them Apples Cream Blusher in 'Pie' (I added a bare hint of this on my lips, too), and for gently blending out NARS's Orgasm Illuminator along my cheekbones and brow bones. I then added a dusting of Collection's Sheer Loose Powder with the Real Techniques Powder Brush to set everything nicely.
Five-Brush Beauty
Base seen to, I added just a hint of Milani's Baked Blusher in 'Luminoso' along the tops of my cheekbones with the ELF Studio Blush Brush; this probably wasn't strictly necessary as I had already used the Orgasm illuminator and theBalm blusher, but having applied powder, I find this adds a little extra dimension to my face and stops it looking flat. Personal preference I guess! Next up comes brows; Non.U Brow Pencil* from Born Pretty can be applied straight from the pencil which is definitely handy for travelling, though I do use a generic brow brush to just blend it out slightly to avoid looking too drawn-on.
Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette
Finally, eye make-up; Born Pretty's round brush is perfect for lightly packing on eyeshadow, in this case from Makeup Revolution's gorgeous Beyond Flawless palette, and I finished off with a coat of Benefit's Roller Lash mascara.
FOTD Five-Brush Beauty
I actually really like the finished look; I think it's just the right amount of polished for everyday wear, and it certainly doesn't look like something thrown together without using the proper tools - to me, at least! What's the bare minimum of brushes you need for a full face of make-up? Does five seem like a lot to you? What are your essential brushes?

[*Products provided for consideration.]


  1. I think I use 7 brushes, I am going to check and see now having read this x

  2. Lovely post! I only really owned those foam things before I started reading blogs but we all start from somewhere!

    lushivity.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  3. Your makeup looks so pretty, and the fact you only used 5 brushes is impressive!

    Frankie | Crazyblondegal

  4. That blush looks gorgeous on you! I also love RT brushes, they are such a great bang for the buck!

  5. Gorgeous makeup look. I love the real techniques brushes xxx

  6. OMG this post is awesome. I think I use on average maybe 7 brushes, but this is phenomenal. I think I need to try to narrow it down and I totally love love love real technique brushes for sure. Such a great deal!

  7. This is such a great post! I definitely need to use fewer brushes because I'm so lazy when it comes to washing them.

  8. I love your makeup! You look so fresh :)

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Fabulous post! I am a huge fan of Real Technique brushes on a regular basis. I swear by their Buffing, Blush, Multi-task and a selection of their eyeshadow brushes!

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog



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