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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Empties | October 2015

Happy Halloween folks! Today is one of my favourite days of the year, I love it, although I don't think I'll be doing much to celebrate this year... It being the end of the month, it's also time to share the beauty products I've finished off recently. I've got quite a nice mix this month, so read on to see what'll be hitting my recycling!
October Beauty Empties
October Empties
Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap | It feels like this lasted me an absolute age! On reflection, that's probably because I have been horrendous at shaving my legs recently. I simply haven't been bothering! TMI? Sorry! I did love this, though; it smells beautiful and gave a really close, comfortable shave without irritating or drying out my sensitive skin as some shaving products can.
Repurchase? Probably.
Essence I ♥ Extreme Volume Mascara | I know I've been using this longer than six months, as I reviewed it in January - whoops! I found the brush on this one a little large and unwieldy, and the formula unremarkable. It's fine for the price but not a favourite for me when it comes to mascaras and I wouldn't seek it out again.
Repurchase? No.
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara | I'm so bad at throwing mascara out when I should - I'm pretty sure I've been using this longer than the suggested six months, but thankfully I've never had any eye infections from doing this. So, it's not actually empty, but it's time to say goodbye anyway. This is one of my favourite mascaras, I find it works really well for me! I have quite long lashes naturally so what I really want from mascara is a nice dark black shade and a bit of added volume - this covers both brilliantly, and I find the wand really easy to work with, too.
Repurchase? Maybe, although I have an unholy number of mascaras to use up first so I won't be doing so anytime soon!
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream | Despite not having massively high hopes for the whole CC Cream thing, I actually really liked this; it offered much more coverage than I was anticipating, the shade match was good and it lasted reasonably well on my skin. It's the first Bourjois base product I've tried and I'll definitely be trying more from the brand now!
Repurchase? Maybe.
L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream | A staple, I've never actually reviewed the original L'Occitane hand cream apparently but have posted about plenty of the scented versions! I find the high shea butter content makes these really moisturising and they work so well at keeping my eczema-prone hands feeling soft and loved. I've never actually bought a L'Occitane hand cream, I tend to just stock up when they're free with magazines, but I do think they're worth the £8 RRP.
Repurchase? Undoubtedly.
Yeung Moxey Coffee Cocoa Lip Balm | I received this as a freebie with an order of some handmade soaps off this Etsy seller and I have to say it's been a lovely lipbalm - it tastes amazing and works really well to hydrate my lips. I've been keeping it by my bed as I find the scent of coffee really comforting for some reason - maybe because my Mum drinks a lot of it, so I associate it with her? Anyway, I would be sorry I'd finished this if I didn't have quite so many lipbalms lurking in my stash just ready to step in...
Repurchase? It doesn't seem to be available from the Etsy shop so probably not.
October Empties #bloggers
Boots Botanics All Bring Soothing Eye Make-up Remover | I'm pretty lazy when it comes to eye make-up and generally just use my standard cleanser to remove it - unless I'm wearing heavy eye make-up, or mascara which I know takes more than that to shift. For those days, this has worked beautifully; the bi-phase formula contains oil which melts away even stubborn mascara (Benefit They're Real? Chanel Le Volume Ultra-Noire) without irritating my eyes. It does leave the eye area feeling a little oily but that's not a problem when I'm going to be cleansing anyway!
Repurchase? Maybe - it's a lovely budget option but there are others I like equally, and I'm always a fan of trying new things!
Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Body Wash | This didn't smell as coconutty as I'd hoped but other than that it was perfectly acceptable as a body wash; a little went a long way and, being SLS-free, it didn't irritate my eczema. It wasn't a stand-out product that I looked forward to using but it was nice nonetheless.
Repurchase? Probably not, though I will almost certainly be trying other variants from the Dr Organic range.
UrbanVeda Neem & Botanics Daily Purifying Facial Wash | I still love this as much as the day I bought it; it smells amazing, works brilliantly as a morning cleanse to freshen up my skin whilst waking me up, and is perfect as a second cleanse in the evening as well, massaged in and splashed off after an oil or cream-based first cleanse. The tube has lasted me going on nine months so it's a really great buy.
Repurchase? Probably, although I do have other face washes to use up first.
Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals All-In-One Powder* | Technically I didn't finish this so much as explode it in my bag, resulting in a powdery horrible mess over a majority of my belongings. Lovely. Anyway, it was irredeemable, so into the bin it will be going. I found that this gave a good coverage when used as foundation, but unfortunately oxidised horrible on the oily patches my skin is so prone to - not ideal!
Repurchase? No; it just didn't suit my skin.
Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Radiance Night Cream* | I've been using this as my night cream of choice for around the last six months and have honestly loved having it as part of my routine; it has a gorgeous, subtle scent to it and has worked really well to keep my skin hydrated and nourished without breaking me out. I'm only just 24 so don't have much in the way of wrinkles yet, but I do feel like it's softened the slight line I'm beginning to get on my forehead. Yves Rocher somehow isn't a brand I think of but I think I need to look into their products a little more!
Repurchase? Possibly.
Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray* | This has been a welcome addition in my work bag, as it's the perfect size to carry on-the-go for a little freshen up if I'm heading out after work, or just on my break if I feel like it. I really enjoyed the fresh, girly fragrance, although it maybe didn't last quite as long as I'd like once on. Nonetheless, I think it's fab for the price and certainly handy to carry round with me.
Repurchase? Maybe.

I'm pretty proud of how much I've managed to finish off this month, actually! A lot of them are things I've replaced or will be replacing, but even so I feel like I've cleared a little bit of space in my stash, which is nice; I'm feeling a real urge to downsize my collection at the moment. I'm sure it won't last, though, so don't worry! Have you tried any of these products? What have you finished this month?

[*Product provided for consideration.]


  1. I'd really recommend the Dr Organic shampoos. I love the coconut one in particular!

  2. I have been using the Dr Organic shampoo and conditioner recently and these are great. I haven't try anything else from the range as of yet though but will have to give them all a try

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely empties! I love how you cut the CC cream to get out ALL the product!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  4. Lovely post! Really enjoyed reading it :)

  5. Great empties! I love the Boots Botanics brand, I picked up quite a few things when I was in Thailand. x

  6. I've never thought about cutting up a makeup tube before to get all the product out - gah! I've also been meaning to try out that Lush shaving soap for a while :)

    Frankie | Crazyblondegal

  7. You really finished a lot! I would like to try that face wash.


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