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Friday, 2 October 2015

Hello October!

We are heading for the end of 2015 at what feels like a ridiculous speed, although when I think about it January does feel like a lifetime ago, so who knows what has happened to my perception of time!? Anyway, October it is - a month of many birthdays for me and, of course, Halloween! I really enjoyed my post sharing my September goals so I thought it'd be nice to look back at how I've got on with those as well as sharing a few more for the coming weeks.
Hello October
My September goals were:
See friends more: I set myself a target of twice for this one and I'm pleased to say I smashed it; September included a weekend away with my Total Warrior friends, a house party, a late-night walk, several swimming rendezvous, three tea-at-a-friend's and two lunches out with old school friends. It's been so nice to catch up with people!
Find a way of getting to the Harry Potter Studios for my birthday: Well, it wasn't on my birthday but I did have a brilliant day out with my Mum and brother, which you can read about here should the mood take you. I was in my absolute element at the Warner Bros Studio Tour and I really want to visit again some time!! And yes, I really did smile like this the whole way round the tour.
No4 Privet Drive Warner Bros Studio Tour London
Sort out the paperwork: I swear as soon as I file away all my bits of paper, I get a credit card bill, a student finance statement and an MOT certificate! Nonetheless I have had a good old sort-out of paperwork and tidied things away into my excessively-organised lever arch files. Now I just need to try and make myself keep on top of it...
Throw some things away: Yep, I did this too. I had a little make-up clear-out and chucked some dried-out eyeliners and out-of-date lip balms, as well as throwing out some random things I've been hoarding for no readily apparent reason. I also assembled all my little beauty samples into one place to hopefully encourage me to use them up! And I threw away all my receipts for my driving lessons. Don't know why I still had those. Mystery.
Get a haircut: Possibly the most traumatic item from my list but I did this one as well! We have a hairdresser who comes to our house and has been cutting my hair since I was about four, and she's really good at doing as she's told and not touching my head too much. I had about five inches cut off my hair so it is still long but in much better condition. I'm not sure about it yet (I only had it cut last week) but I'm getting used to it!
So... that's five out of five goals achieved for September! I also bought myself a new laptop as a bit of a birthday treat to myself, as I've been saying for months that I need to, and it's so nice having a computer that does things when I tell it to rather than thinking about it for a week and a half then crashing. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to up my blogging game a little with all the extra time this will give me! I'm also hoping I can make October just as successful as September with these little aims:
See friends: Like I say, it was really nice to catch up with so many friends in September, so I'm carrying this one over to October! I'm going with the same target of at least two meet-ups with two different friends as that should be achievable - there are a couple of people I have in mind as targets I've not seen for a while!
Transfer things to my new laptop: As mentioned, I've got myself a lovely shiny new laptop. However, I've been putting off moving things across from my old one, partly due to a fear of slowing it down and partly because I'm laaaazy. I need to have a good sort-through my photos, music and other files, delete the excess, and shift everything else across into nice organised files. I'm dreading this one.
Throw some more things away: I still have way more stuff than I could possibly need so I'm planning to downsize a little further. My desk (I use the term very loosely as I can't actually access it to use it as a desk, it's basically just storage at the moment) will be my first port of call for this one. I don't even know what's in these heaps!
Start thinking about Christmas: I really can't be doing with Christmas in October, in fact I usually hate it right up until about the 23rd of December, but I do plan to start thinking about presents a bit earlier this year. I'm thinking a spreadsheet will help me keep organised and also act as an incentive to get myself into gear because man I love me a good colour-coded spreadsheet!

What are your plans for October? Do you like to set yourself monthly goals? What are your tips for achieving your aims? I'd love to hear what you're planning this month!!



  1. Great job completing your list!! Happy Birthday month!!

  2. Well done with getting to all your goals and even more luck this month x

  3. You've got some good goals this month! I am sooo jealous you have been to Harry Potter world :(

    Dannie x

  4. Well done :) I should start putting monthly goals as well x

    Pink Frenzy

  5. Getting all your goals done is something very close to impossible for me, and I must say good job for doing that!

  6. This is such a cool post like the idea! What a good way to set goals!



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