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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Introducing Veeda | Natural Feminine Hygiene*

I was recently contacted on Twitter by a company called Veeda, and offered the opportunity to try out some of their products*. Now feminine hygiene isn't something I've ever discussed on my blog and let's be honest, it's not the most pleasant of topics - but the majority of women have to deal with periods so I do think it's important to talk about it every now and then!
Veeda 100 Natural Cotton Tampons
Veeda offer 100% cotton feminine hygiene products including sanitary pads, tampons and liners, so there should be something for everyone, no matter your preference. Tampons are available in a range of absorbencies, with or without applicators, whilst the pads come in regular or super-long options, with each pad being individually wrapped for convenience.
Veeda 100 Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads
Veeda chose cotton for their feminine hygiene products for a number of reasons; not least, it is soft and comfortable, whilst also being the most absorbent natural material, absorbing up to twenty times its own weight. It's also renewable, sustainable, and skin-friendly. Veeda's cotton is oxygen-processed, avoiding the use of bleach, dioxin and pesticides - which, when you think about it, probably aren't things you want to be putting in or near your intimate parts!!
Veeda Natural Cotton Tampons
Using natural tampons is also thought to reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, which can be fatal - there has never been a case of TSS associated with the use of all-cotton tampons, thought to be because pure cotton does not promote the growth of the bacteria which lead to TSS.
Veeda Natural Sanitary Pads
I honestly expected a product like this to be quite expensive; I begrudge having to spend money on tampons at all - let's be honest, it's not really a treat - So I'd be reluctant to spend much more. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to find that the prices of Veeda's products are actually comparable with what I'd consider the leading brands of pads and tampons - all under £3 per pack. They're also more accessible than you might imagine, with products available online as well as in Boots stores. I'd like to see availability through major supermarkets, as I know that's the most convenient place for me to pick up feminine hygiene products and I'm sure I'm not alone in that - but Boots is a good start and I for one will definitely be switching over to Veeda. Have you heard of Veeda before? Have you ever given any consideration to the origins and environmental impact of your feminine hygiene products?

[*Product provided for consideration. I have not been asked to write this post, nor am I being compensated for doing so - I just felt this was an important topic to share!]


  1. Lovely review. I didn't know this brand at all but I will check it when I come to England!!

  2. I've developed skin allergies as I age and I would definitely check out their options in pads.

  3. Great review. Not something I would use at the moment but a good read none the less :D xxx

  4. Great review and I also begrudge spending money on this stuff, but given the alternatives, there isn't much choice x

  5. What a GREAT review. I never thought about this, but I think this is something I need to think about in terms of alternatives for sure.

  6. Great review! It is always great knowing about alternative products!

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  7. Interesting review and obviously not something I have to worry about and in all honestly, I still have no idea what does what, where and why :o)

  8. ooo never knew it help reduce tss. learn something new everyday!


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