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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Five Things I'd Like To Tell Beauty Brands | A Rant

I'm sure I'm not the only one here but there are a few things about beauty that really get my goat - you know, those little things that make you irrationally angry? Yeah, those. Here are my top five things I'd like to tell beauty brands, in hopes they'll get their acts together and sort it out. I'd like to say this is a tongue-in-cheek post and isn't to be taken seriously... but if you happen to work for a beauty brand, I absolutely mean every word of this post!
Five Things I'd Like To Tell Beauty Brands
1. When I use foundation, I don't like to break my hand in the process. I am so done with bashing foundation bottles on the back of my hand, trying to get product out. Please, for the love of all that's holy, provide me with a pump! It's not that difficult. If a £4 foundation can manage it, I'm pretty sure anyone can. On the subject of foundation, when I choose a shade, I expect it to stay that shade on my skin. Foundation that oxidises within an hour? Not cool.
2. Stop making massively exaggerated claims. No-one really thinks your lipstick is going to last 25 hours and, let's be honest, no-one really wants it to. We'd be quite happy for you to say, "This lipstick will last 4-5 hours so carry it with you for a touch-up." Can you imagine how a lipstick that lasted 25 hours would make your lips feel!?
3. Please stop making ridiculous claims about your product that make us think it might be the Holy Grail of primers/mascaras/whatever, and instead spend your time creating a product that actually lives up to these claims. This is how you will make your fortune! I might spend the tenner "just to see" if your primer really does keep my skin matte all day, but if it doesn't, that's that. Make something that does and I'll re-purchase it for life and recommend it to everyone!
4. Unless you have created a product that will literally Photoshop out all my flaws in real life, stop Photoshopping your ads! We're not stupid, we know the difference between a good base product and a metric f*ck-ton of expert editing; the former sells itself, the latter really doesn't give much indication of what your product is going to do for me so I'm not likely to buy it, now am I?
5. Please, let me shop in peace. There is nothing worse than quietly trying to browse the aisles of Boots, only to have to repeatedly tell various beauty counter staff that I don't want a makeover, am not interested in their free gift when I buy three products I'm never going to use, and don't want someone with eyebrows like that anywhere near my own brows! If I wish to buy something from you, I will do so. If I have a question, I will ask. There's really no need to tell me about your offers, I can read your notices, thank you. Pushy salespeople do nothing but put me off buying from your brand.

What would you like to tell beauty brands? Anything to add to my list, or have I got it covered?



  1. Omg ALL these. Especially the last one, and it holds true for any kind of shopping. If I need help I ask, it's irritating when they hover when you're trying to browse in peace. P.s. I wish there was a Boots in my country though, love their bath & body stuff!

    xx Nandini

    1. omg the helicopters is what I call them constantly hovering yet never ending lol x

  2. So true, especially the last one! I am so annoyed by people who keep watching what I do and what I'm looking at. Like, give me a break and I will definitely buy something from you, that's why I'm here for :)) That's one reason I love online shopping :) It's a shame though that for foundations or concealers, for example, I might pick the wrong shade if I order online. So I still usually rely on actual stores.

    1. You know what I am the opposite I feel sooooo uncomfortable by hoverers it actually makes me leave the shop! that's why I hate boutiques aaaargh. Totally agree with foundation and anything that requires actual trying on, They need to create amazing computer software that shows EXACT shades haha.x

  3. I hate foundations that oxidise - it just makes me look like an orange! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. hahahaha totally agree with all of these! :D
    i usually end up leaving counters when people keep talking to me unwanted..then again. they're told to do so by their boss/brand..sigh :p

  5. So true! I shared your post.


  6. Hahah, so true!
    As a guy who occasionally uses make-up I have to say that I agree with these! The pushy salesperson is probably the most annoying for me because I feel really uncomfortable and awkward when someone is trying to shove their sales/recommended products down my throat. I mean, if I wanted help I'd freakin' ask! I want to be able to check what I need in peace and not have someone staring at what I'm doing and following after me...

    I'm also really bothered by the obvious photoshop on ads and the "this product is AMAZEBALLS and will stay on your skin for 24 hours!". No. It will not.
    Can't they just be realistic? ._.

    ☆ Ink & Sword Lifestyle Blog ☆

  7. This was absolutely brilliant! So so accurate, I agree with every single pointer! Why would you even want your lipstick to last that long??

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  8. Very nicely put together the woes of makeup lovers. Great job!!

  9. I just have no idea why they dont use pumps! Especially the pricier brands, surely that can be included in the price! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  10. ha number 4 most definitely and as for flipping mascaras, stop using false eyelashes and making me think mine will look like those ones!

  11. Ha ha.. good read! No.5 for me.. I hate pushy SAs who try to assist you when you didn't even ask for it.

  12. HAHAHAHAHA totally agree with the pump for foundations. Why would they ever think it would be a good idea to not have one!!??!! xxxx

  13. Ooh so the last one! When you actually ask the pushy boots lady a q, stares blankly at you! I'll get the other girl to phone you... still waiting... since November! Your loss got it I debenhams! Rant! But yes someone should listen to you! Where are the market research people?


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