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Monday, 14 December 2015

Review | Acne Ultra Clear Cream*

A few weeks back, I was sent a jar of Acne Ultra Clear Cream* to try out; now, I wouldn't say I suffer with acne but my skin can be pretty horrendous at times so I was keen to see what kind of an improvement this cream might make. I tend to get spots on my chin and jaw, as well as my cheeks, and I have a constant struggle with blackheads on and around my nose and chin. With ingredients including Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Extract and Rhus Cotinus Leaf Extract, Acne Ultra Clear Cream claims to provide a visible improvement within weeks. What did I think?
Acne Ultra Clear Cream Review
I'm in two minds about the jar; I quite like the mirrored effect (though it proved a nightmare to photograph!), but the branding to me is a bit excessive and kind of ruins the higher-end effect - I'd prefer something a little more subtle. Basically I'd prefer my face cream not to say 'acne' on it in big purple letters - I don't think that's unreasonable! I'm also not keen on the hygiene aspect of having a product like this in a jar, which you have to dip your fingers into every day; I'd definitely prefer a tube in that respect. The cream itself is light brown in colour, which I wasn't expecting, and I admit that did take a few days to get used to. It smells absolutely gorgeous, really cinnamon-y, which makes application enjoyable - if you don't like cinnamon, you're not gonna like this cream!
Acne Ultra Clear Cream
I find the texture of the Acne Ultra Clear Cream really nice; it's light and smooth, spreading easily over the skin and absorbing easily. I've been using it alone in place of moisturiser in the morning, and the same way in the evening, occasionally adding in a facial oil. The cream leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and, as promised, there's no greasy feeling. Now, starting to use this cream coincided with coming off the Pill I was on, so I'm not sure if that may also have had an impact on my skin. However, I do feel like I'm getting fewer spots, and the ones I do get seem to take less time to heal. I'd have liked to see an improvement in the blackheads on and around my nose and chin, but unfortunately I haven't really seen any difference in those. I'll definitely be continuing to use this cream to see if I notice any further improvements, and I will consider re-purchasing once I finish this jar.
Acne Ultra Clear
Acne Ultra Clear Cream is available on Amazon, priced at £15.99 for 50ml of product. I've been using this twice a day (most days) for around a month now and have barely dented the surface so I can see a jar easily lasting six months or so. I think it's quite a reasonable price for a nice moisturiser which feels lovely on the skin and may help with spots - it's full of nice, skin-friendly ingredients so there's definitely worse you could do for your skin! Have you heard of Acne Ultra Clear? Would you try a product like this?

[*Product provided for consideration. Post contains affiliate links.]


  1. I agree about the jar aspect, I hate having to dig my fingers into products. But, this sounds really great and your results sound wonderful!

  2. I think it is more than reasonably priced if it is going to last as long as 6 months x

  3. Such a great post :)

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  4. Not a bad price, especially if it helps with acne! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Totally agree about jar moisturisers. Although I have lots of my own, I hate having to dip my fingers into them! xxx

  6. I totally agree regarding taking pictures of such mirrored jars is a nightmare esp the ones with the silver lids. LOL It takes so much time to get one decent pic.
    If it really works, I would definitely give it a try and the price is pretty decent as it can be used for couple of months.

  7. This might be something I should look into.

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