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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Christmas Jumper Round-Up 2015

With less than two weeks to go til the big day, I can't really get away with ignoring Christmas any longer! Christmas jumpers have become a real "thing" over the last few years and it doesn't look like they're going to be going anywhere soon; here are my picks for this year...
Christmas Jumpers
Cracker Jumper, £39, Topshop // Going all-out tacky with sequins, the lot. I think this is over-priced and hideous - exactly what you're looking for in a Christmas jumper, amirite!?
Sparkle Jumper, £12, George at Asda // A much prettier option, and you could probably get away with wearing this at times other than Christmas.
Seasons Tweetings Jumper, £14.99, New Look // The little robins are just too cute! I couldn't leave this one out.
Reindeer Jumper, £8, George at Asda // This is like cheesy in a good way, in my book - and I love that the reindeer has Christmas lights strung in his antlers.
Penguin Pyramid Jumper, £11.24, New Look // A penguin pyramid! We're getting a bit silly now but I don't mind because a pyramid should definitely be the collective noun for penguins. A pyramid of penguins, can you imagine!?
Red Winter Patterned Jumper, £18, Tu at Sainsbury's // This is actually from the men's section but who cares?! Red is nice and Christmassy but it's not too tacky and again, you wouldn't be limited to wearing it just at Christmas.
Jewel Fairisle Jumper, £24.50, M&S // Possibly the prettiest of the bunch, this is made from Merino wool and I imagine I'd want to wear it 24/7, it just looks so soft and fluffy.
Christmas Swing Dress, £29.95, Joe Browns // Okay so this is a dress, not a jumper. Can we let me off because of the cute little floating snowmen and Santas!? Very much limited to Christmas wear but I'm tempted all the same because it's just so ridiculous!

Have you got a Christmas jumper? Will you be treating yourself or any of your loves ones to some festive knitwear this Christmas?



  1. Both New Look and Primark have some amazing Christmas jumpers, I got a penguin one from Primark which I love x

  2. You've got a great selection of Christmas jumpers here! Im not buying a new one this year as I'm still wearing my penguin one from last year xxx

  3. I like the sparkle jumper, I'd wear it more often than at Christmas time :-)

  4. These are so cute :) I like the 3rd one the best and also the dress x

    Pink Frenzy


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