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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette | The Rebel

I was lucky enough to win a high-end eyeshadow palette of my choice from the lovely Jasmine a couple of months back; after some serious deliberation, I eventually chose 'The Rebel' from Charlotte Tilbury's line of Luxury Palettes. I hadn't previously tried any of Charlotte Tilbury's make-up but it has been all over the blogging world over the last year or so, and if nothing else it's undeniably beautiful to look at!
Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Palette
Housed in a gorgeous deep burgundy casing with rose gold detailing, 'The Rebel' quad consists of four powder eyeshadow shades. The shades are labelled 1-4 on the back of the palette, with 1 being used to prime, 2 to enhance, 3 to smoke, and 4 to pop; the Luxury Palettes aim to take you from day to night (or, as Charlotte Tilbury terms it, Desk-Dusk-Disco) in one easy palette. Within 'The Rebel', shade 1 is a shimmery champagne shade; 2 is a grass green with a pearl finish; 3 is a deeper forest green, again with a pearl finish; and 4 is a darker olive green/antique gold with a definite hint of sparkle. The palette also contains a full-sized mirror in the lid, with the lovely little detail of an etched star in the top-right corner.
Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Luxury Palette Review
I really, really wanted to love this palette; I love greens on my eyes and I loved the luxurious feel of the palette. Unfortunately, for me, that was where the let-down started. I swatched the shadows and was disappointed; none of them had the pigmentation I was anticipating and compared to the gorgeous shades in the pans, you can see the swatches below are a bit of a wash-out. The Prime shade is quite pretty but the colour payoff was rubbish, taking four layers to achieve this swatch. The Enhance and Smoke shades were mediocre; the pigmentation can be built up (the swatches are three layers), but that's not what I want from shadows in this price-range, and I did experience a fair bit of fall-out along the way. The Pop shade is probably the best of the bunch, with this swatch only taking two layers(!) - again, though, there was a fair bit of fall-out, and somehow the shadow just isn't as striking as it is in the pan.
Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Palette Swatches & Review
I hoped that somehow, magically, they'd be better on my lids. Once again, I was disappointed. I was hoping for strongly pigmented, striking shadows that would be easy to use, easy to blend, and wear well - these were pretty much the polar opposite. The pigmentation is poor, I found I really had to work at blending them, and even over my usual fail-safe base of GOSH Forever Eyeshadow Stick, they're nothing special - and they'd creased within a few hours. I do love these green shades on my hazel/brown eyes and I did manage to get the shadows to work for me - but it was nothing like the easy, fuss-free, fool-proof application I imagined.
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette The Rebel
'The Rebel' palette is priced at £38 and is available to order here; no, these aren't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it's fair to say that as a brand, Charlotte Tilbury is all about the luxury! The little touches, from the star on the mirror to satisfying click as you snap the palette closed, back up the fact that this is very much a high-end product; unfortunately I don't feel like the shadows themselves have really lived up to this, which was a disappointment to me. The pigmentation was lacking, and I've worn much cheaper products for longer without them creasing on me. Yes, the shadows do still look quite pretty on, but nowhere near as striking as I was hoping for, and with a lot more work than I'd like from a product which is billed to be easy enough for beginners to use.

All in all, I'm so grateful that I've been able to try this palette, but I can't say I'm in a huge hurry to buy any more. Yes, it's gorgeous to look at, but that's not what I want my make-up for! I'm pretty sure this must just be a slightly iffy palette (the review of 'The Rebel' on Temptalia is all praise!) but even so, I can't help feeling let-down. Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palettes? How was your experience? I'd love to hear if you've had any similar problems!

[I received this palette as a giveaway prize; however, all opinions are 100% honest.]


  1. They look so pretty in the pan! Such a shame they don't swatch well :( xx


  2. Such a shame the pigmentation doesnt live up to the beautiful packaging!


  3. Oh that's always so annoying when luxury products don't live up to your expectations. I had the same problem with the Bobbi Brown Greige palette. the colours looked so beautiful in the pan but swatched they were no way near as pigmented as they should've been. Have you tried using an eye-shadow primer like the Primer Potion? Sometimes it can make a difference.

    Soléna - NOT A BIG WRITER

  4. Such a lovely looking palette! Shame about it not being the best! So annoying when that happens!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  5. oh such a let down! I definitely expect better at that price point! lovely look you created anyways :D

  6. I haven't tried these palettes and £38 for 4 eyeshadows is a lot of money so it's a shame that they didn't live up to the hype, I think it's a good point though that brand image isn't everything :)

    Velvet Blush

  7. This is such a stunning palette, I don't own anything like it xx
    Glossy Boutique

  8. The colours are amazing in this palette, so pretty! Just a shame the pigmentation was lacking :( xxx

  9. That's a shame, Charlotte Tilbury was one of brands I really wanted to try. Green does look lovely on your eyes though!
    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  10. Wow, how disappointing! Glad I read this as I've been lusting after these CT palettes for a while now. It's so blimmin pretty though!

    Katy | hotpinkwellingtons.co.uk

  11. I agree, the palette itself is stunning but the pigmentation is a bit of a let down x

  12. Shame it was a let down for you! I haven't tried any Charlotte Tilbury's make-up and agree that bloggers and youtubers are all raving on about it.

    Kerri @ Beauty & Things

  13. What a gorgeous palette! I've only ever tried CT lipsticks which are incredible but I'm loving this palette, perfect for a night out!

    Musings & More

  14. How annoying that it didn't live up to your expectations! The colours are gorgeous in the pan and do look lovely on you though xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  15. The colours of this look amazing, such a shame the pigmentation isn't so great! They do really suit you though!


  16. Wow this looks beautiful! I have yet to try her products, maybe this year x

    Pink Frenzy

  17. What a bummer to hear they weren't as great as you expected! :( It's always frustrating when you hear a product raved about only to try it and it's not that great. Especially a pricey product!


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