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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Five Guys You Should Be Prepared To Meet On Tinder

I'm kicking off February by introducing something a bit different here on The Indigo Hours; I wanted to add more of a lifestyle slant and discuss something new. Dating isn't something I've ever really talked about on my blog, mainly because I've been in long-term relationships for most of the time I've been blogging. However, since breaking up with my last "serious" boyfriend last August, I've been experimenting with the world of Tinder, and thought this would be quite a fun way to share my experiences!
Five Guys You Should Be Prepared To Meet On Tinder
For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Tinder is a dating app; you set up a profile, add some photos, and off you go. You're presented with a series of men (or ladies, or both - whatever floats your boat!) and can either "swipe" left or right on them. The left swipes go in the bin, the right swipes are the ones you like the look of. If you swipe right on someone who also swiped right on you, you get a "Match" and can start chatting. So, here are five types of fella who seem to pop up quite often in my stream of Tinder Matches!
The build-up-to-creepy creep | This guy seems nice at first. He can hold a decent conversation; he asks questions, tells you about himself, and after chatting for a while, asks if you'd like to meet up. You exchange numbers. The date goes well. You agree to see him again, and do so. And then it begins - sometime between the second and third dates, he becomes a bit - keen. He texts, and if you don't respond pronto, you receive the same message eleven minutes later via WhatsApp and then, six minutes after that, by Facebook message. Then another text, "You okay?" followed by a sad face Snapchat and another WhatsApp, "You ignoring me?" and another text, "Have I annoyed you?". And then you get out of the shower or go on your break at work, and look at your phone, and think, "What the-?" and are forced to tell him he's not really what you're looking for, by which you mean you like having space to breathe without him assuming you've died / left the country on a permanent basis without telling him / run off with some other guy.
The explicit-messages guy | This is probably the man every woman dreads when signing up to dating sites and apps; you match with this guy and are immediately bombarded with personal questions about your sexual history and preferences, and messages about what he'd like to do to you / have you do to him. On the bright side, Tinder have removed their 'Moments' feature (which was a bit like Snapchat whereby you could share images with your matches for 24 hours), so no more unsolicited dick pics... I'm not sure if this ever works for any guy (I feel like it must because they keep trying it?) but it sure ain't gonna work for me. Unmatch!
The scarily-intense | This is another guy who seems nice at first. Maybe you swap numbers. He becomes very intense, pointing out how much you have in common (like, say, a football team and the last movie you saw at the cinema) and telling you really in-depth things about his life, exes, work... Everything. No filter. Before you've ever even met. If this isn't enough of a warning for you (please, learn from my mistakes!), and you do happen to meet this guy, he will treat the date like a job interview, and text you again before you're out of sight.
The disappearing act | This one, too, seems nice. He's funny, you message back and forth, things seem to be going well... And then he vanishes. No explanation. Maybe he died? Maybe he met someone? Maybe he had a girlfriend all along and got caught out? Who knows!
The actually quite nice, reasonably normal one | This one will probably take you by surprise - you might be becoming a bit jaded, wondering, "When will you turn out to be a weirdo, too?", just waiting for a slightly obsessive text or a revelation about a wife. And all of a sudden you'll find you've been on half a dozen dates, have swiped neither left nor right in days, and actually really like this one. Who knew - there are actually some nice, reasonably normal Tinder guys! Spoiler alert: I'm still seeing this one and have actually deleted Tinder; things could get serious! I even drunkenly told my brother about him on a sibling night out.

So - have you ever used Tinder, or another dating site or app? I'd love to hear about your experiences! Would you try something like this, or have you heard too many horror stories?



  1. Great post, this really made me chuckle! I met my partner online and before that I encountered many a disappearing act guy, they disappear just when you are feeling hopeful xD really frustrating! Wishing you luck with your normal one, there are still some nice ones out there :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  2. OMG.. haha this was funny to read! I've had a few of the creepy guy ones and disappearing ones lool. this is why I've deleted Tinder. xx


  3. hahahah great post jess!! love to read this and had a laugh. I have always been in serious relationships and never used tinder, but did set it up for my bf's brother and now he's also happily dating a girl he met there..among all the dating sites out there, tinder really seems to work :D

  4. I don't really have any experience with dating on social media and to be honest I've only heard about tinder few days ago-is just sometimes I live in cave :)))......but looking at it,I can only say that I would probably not have enough courage to go on a date with someone from internet. About the disappearing guys, my thought is that they maybe had a girlfriend or wife or a boring relationship and they wanted to spice up things and the moment things are getting a bit serious they just vanish. I hope you will find someone trustworthy and that things will end up good for you!Good luck.xoxo

  5. Ah this was such a great post to read! So funny! I have met each and everyone one of those guys on tinder! :')
    Although my quite nice, reasonably normal one eventually turned into scarily-intense guy.. ahah.
    I'm sure yours is lovely though & it'll all turn out great! :) xx


  6. I met my boyfriend on tinder :) been with him near enough a year ❤

  7. This was hilarious and interesting to read. I've stayed away from the website because of the Explicit messages guy.

    Wildfire Charm

  8. I'm so glad I don't have to do all of this, my work mates use Tinder and some of their antics are hilarious x

  9. Such a great post! I have a Tinder account and use it occasionally but honestly I never stick it and make my account private. I know quite a few people who have met their partners on Tinder but I haven't been so lucky haha

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  10. This actually made me chuckle in places, I have never used a dating site, luckily don't need to, but friends do and some of their stories are so similar!

  11. I love these type of posts, and I love that you found a nice guy too! I hope it works out for you :) xxx

  12. Ha hilarious! I'm so glad I'm married!

  13. This is hilarious! I've given up with Tinder. Some of the comments you receive are beyond awful.


  14. This really made me laugh! I've never used any dating app or site but I love hearing people's experiences!



  15. I've been married for 25 years so have never used a dating app but I do know a couple of people in relationships with chaps they met on Tinder. I really enjoyed reading your post - it made me smile!


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