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Monday, 28 March 2016

Why I Gave Up Chocolate For Lent (+ What I've Learnt!)

I'm not religious in the slightest, so I'm still not really sure what possessed me to give anything up for Lent - never mind chocolate! I've never given anything up before, but this year on Shrove Tuesday I decided I'd see if I could give up chocolate for what I thought would be 40 days. Turns out it was 47 which is major false advertising in my opinion, but there we go... My reasoning behind this slightly rash decision was that I tend to eat a lot of chocolate and I know it's not that great for me - basically, I just wanted to see if I could do it.
What I Learnt From Giving Up Chocolate For Lent
The first few days were hard. I would wake up thinking about chocolate; I literally had a dream about eating a Cadbury's Wispa! But I stuck with it, and after a week or so it became a little easier. There were still moments (or whole days...) when I really, really wanted chocolate, but I wasn't viewing it as an option, so I managed to hold. The hardest moments for me were being offered chocolates or chocolate biscuits at work and having to say no, and being in the confined space of my car with my brother while he ate a Belgian chocolate pudding. I've never known anything smell so good! And there was that walk with my friend Matt - usually we have cake when we go for a walk, but he brought a bar of Dairy Milk and proceeded to tell me he wouldn't tell anyone if I had some...
Giving up chocolate for Lent
It's definitely been a learning curve for me! Here are five things I've learnt over the past few chocolate-free weeks:
I have a ridiculous sweet tooth.
There's not much getting away from this! I am very much a fan of sweet things, and even when I couldn't have chocolate I'd still find myself going for something sweet, especially in the first couple of weeks. I've developed a new love of boiled sweets! I did have a minor meltdown about a fortnight in when my Mum forgot to buy non-chocolate biscuits when she went shopping - what was I supposed to dunk in my tea!?
I tend to snack mindlessly.
I've become much more conscious of the fact that I often eat for the sake of eating - because I'm bored or a bit emotional - especially around a certain time of the month. I've got much better at picking up on whether I'm actually hungry, or whether I just like the idea of food at that particular moment, which can only be a good thing - on quite a few occasions I've found myself deciding that actually, I don't even want a biscuit right now.
Why I gave up chocolate for Lent
Eating chocolate doesn't give me spots.
...or at least, not eating chocolate doesn't get rid of my spots! I haven't noticed a single bit of difference in my skin while I've not been eating chocolate - which I'm half-annoyed about (it would have been nice to see something for my efforts) and half-glad (what if I had to actually give up chocolate!?)
Having a buddy helps.
Having a friend who's also given up chocolate has really helped me! There have been a lot of "I really want Mini Eggs" and "I'd happily push a child under a bus for a bar of Galaxy right now" kind of texts... (That second one wasn't me. I don't even like Galaxy!) Just knowing that there's someone who "knows what you're going through" - which makes it sound very dramatic! - and can offer support, really helped me.
My will-power is much better than I thought.
It's time to start giving myself a bit more credit - when I put my mind to something, you can be pretty sure I'll see it through! I honestly wasn't sure how giving up chocolate would go but I'm actually really proud of myself for sticking with it and seeing it out. I've had two Lindt truffles sat on my bedside table for the last five weeks and I'm really quite pleased with myself for not caving in and eating them!

Did you give anything up for Lent? How did you get on? Have you ever given up chocolate?



  1. I gave up chocolate and crisps. It is safe to say that the chocolate part I lent was very much relaxed/ I just didn't have the willpower
    Abi x

    1. See I wouldn't miss crisps at all, I hardly eat them! But chocolate was definitely a challenge haha xo

  2. Wow, it was a very bold move - one I wouldn't consider! haha
    but very well done! I bet that first bit of chocolate after waiting was mind blowing :D

  3. I didn't give up anything, I think that would make me what whatever it was even more! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. I never ever give anything up for Lent, like New Years Resolutions, I just break them lol x

  5. I have never given up chocolate for more than a week or two. You go girl! Great job!


  6. That's amazing! I have given up bacon (which I love by the way) and I haven't had any for 2 year also soda. I'm not sure I would like to give up chocolate though :P

    Öku Möku

  7. Agh I need to give up chocolate too!
    Jabeen x


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