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Friday, 18 March 2016

How I Organise My Blog With Excel

Having mentioned in a couple of Twitter chats that I have quite an obsessive Excel spreadsheet to help me organise my blogging, a few people have said that they'd like to see how I do that. Since setting up my spreadsheet last May, I've found I've been able to stick much more consistently to posting every other day; I do occasionally pop in an extra post or skip a day if needs be, but for the most part posting alternate days seems to work well for me! I have quite a few worksheets in my Excel file, so let's have a little look at what they cover...
How I Organise My Blog With Excel
My first three tabs are PR-related; I keep one sheet for contact details of PRs I've worked with and the brands they represent; one for PR samples; and one for sponsored posts. This helps me to easily keep track of things like products I've been sent, the date I received a product, and whether I've sent a link back to the PR once I've posted about the product - I like having everything in one place, it makes it so easy to refer back to and means nothing gets forgotten.
PR Samples
My next tabs are my planning space; I have a new sheet for each month, and this is where I plan out content for the month. You can see February's below; I fill in the dates down the left-hand side, along with a space for each day's post title or idea. So from this I can see what will be posted when, and try to make sure I space things out a little so I don't end up posting six reviews in a row or whatever. I can fill in regular features, like my Empties post on the last day of the month, straight away, and the rest gets filled in as I come up with ideas, have products to review, or am offered a sponsored post, say.
Monthly Plans
Things do get shuffled around, for example if I don't feel like I've tried a product thoroughly enough to review it then I might swap it back a week or two and move something else forward. My Excel obsessiveness doesn't mean no flexibility, as it's easy enough to cut and paste! Next to each post I highlight if it contains a PR sample (I like to spread those out if I can) or is a sponsored post (ditto), and I also fill in where I'm up to - so I can see at a glance if a post is started or written up fully, whether I've taken photos for it and edited them, and whether it's scheduled. March is all planned out, but April isn't quite filled up yet (posts blanked out so I don't ruin the surprise!) - you can see I've started drafting some posts, though, and I've taken photos for some as well.
Monthly Plan April
My 'Misc' tab is exactly that - I just use this to keep a note of things like hex codes for my font colours and affiliate links, just for quick reference, as well as any links I might need to refer back to and that sort of thing. My 'Stats' tab is updated each month, which you can see below - I don't worry about this too much, I just find it really interesting! I like to have it all in one place so I can see how it changes from month to month; I'm just a bit of a stats nerd, really. And finally, the 'RTs' tab is just where I keep a note of Twitter RT accounts and hashtags to include in my promo tweets - I like to try new ones and see which are the most effective in getting my tweets to a wider audience.
And that's it! It might seem like a lot but it doesn't take a lot of time and it makes me feel a lot more in control of what I've got to do. And just to clarify, I'm not by any means suggesting you need a spreadsheet in order to be a blogger; this is literally just what I do, because people said they were interested! Do you use Excel for your blog, or another means of planning? I'd love to see how you keep yourself organised, or if you just blog when you feel like it!



  1. I don't do this but clearly I should be, I hope to be that organised one day! Such good ideas I'm glad I looked at this.
    Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend

  2. I have a planner that I use to draw up a similar blog log, but for some reason I've never thought of just using Excel! It really does help to stay on top of blogging and posting regularly, having everything laid out and organised like that!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  3. I just use Word for my blog organisation but this looks so much better - I might give it a go! I love seeing how other people organise themselves so I really enjoyed reading this :) xx


  4. I use the Apple version of excel, numbers, to schedule and plan out my posts x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  5. This was super helpful jess!!! You are so organized!!! 😍

  6. This was so helpful - I'm so bad at responding to PR emails and actually telling them that I've written the post, which is really bad! I'm definitely going to have a spreadsheet for this from now on!

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  7. I never do this but it looks so effected pretty much impressed with this idea and going to try now.


  8. This is such an interesting post! As a new blogger, I've been experimenting with different ways to organise my posts, and I'm definitely going to give this a go. Thank you!

    Lu | http://littlebitoflu.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. This seems so helpful! I really need to try & get more organised with my blog posts so I might try this method :) thanks for posting!

    Caitlin | Cosmetics, Cocktails & Cruising xx

  10. this is similar to using a gantt chart! I will have to give this a try!

  11. Wow this is organised Jess, I just note stuff down in my notebook lol x

  12. You are so organised! I don't have time for all that but I use spreadsheets only for the most important things - keeping income and outgoings and reviews. #ShareItSunday

  13. This is such a great idea, I never thought I'd need to be organised because I just assumed I'd randomly post whenever but definitely at the point now where I need to keep track of everything. Perhaps excel is a plan for Easter :) X #ShareItSunday
    Blogging at Boo & Maddie

  14. I use Excel for my blog organisation too! It's definitely the best method I've found to help me keep on track. Our spreadsheets look a little similar except I just use one tab and then at the end of each post I use formula to keep a tally of views/clicks etc from each social media site. I use a green, amber and red colour system too. So green means it's done, amber means in progress and red means you need to do it really soon x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds

  15. I love love love spreadsheets! This is fab! 😊

  16. Wow I have to admit you are super organised. I keep a track of days which linkies are on and also a notebook full of ideas, but that's it for me.

  17. You are super organised, This is fantastic way to keep a record of everything and it must make your tax return really easy too as you have logged everything.

  18. Wow this was really helpful. A full on spreadsheet, I had no idea people were this organised!
    With PR samples, are you supposed to mention that within the blog post. As I don't at the moment and am not sure if you are supposed to.
    Any advice would be welcome ��

    1. Hi Annie! I'd definitely recommend mentioning anything that you've received as a PR sample - readers can often tell anyway and I always feel like it's best to be honest :) Hope that helps! xo

  19. Wow I thought I was organized with my blog but this is a whole new level! You are what I consider blogging goals haha I can't wait to try out your ideas!! xx


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