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Friday, 4 March 2016

How I'd Spend My Last £20

Last month the brilliant (no, seriously!) Adrienne of The Sunday Girl shared a list of blog post ideas for every day in February; now, I do realise we're into March, but she had some fab suggestions so I'm quite happy to carry them on into the next couple of months. Today's post is one of her ideas, so thanks, Adrienne! Now, obviously, if I only had £20 left in the world, I'd probably end up spending it on something boring like diesel for my car or food... But that would not make an interesting post, so we'll stick to beauty products, hey!?
How I'd Spend my Last £20 Beauty Edition
Colab Dry Shampoo, £3.49 | Colab is pretty much my dry shampoo Holy Grail; it works so well for me in terms of freshening up my hair without leaving that unattractive white cast in my roots, and I really like a few of their scents. Dry shampoo is a must-have for me unless i fancy washing my hair literally every day (thanks, oily skin) so this would probably be my first buy with my last £20.
Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix, £6.63 | (Maybe a minor cheat on price there as its RRP is £9.99, but obviously I'd wait for a similar offer before purchasing!) Not only does this stuff smell amazing but it also works really well, offering chemical exfoliation with Glycolic and Salicylic Acids as well as physical exfoliant grains. I use this two-three times per week and it works wonders for brightening up my complexion. I could probably live without it but I don't think I want to. Review here.
The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, £6 | This has snuck up in price at some point which annoys me! I'm going with the smaller 50ml size to save funds even though the 200ml jars are obviously way better value for money... Desperate times, I'm trying to make my £20 stretch!! A good body butter is a must for me with my eczema so I'm justifying this extravagance. Also I love the coconut scent.
How I'd Spend My Last £20
This leaves me with £3.88, and I want a cleanser...
Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash, £1.99 | (Another semi-cheat, RRP £3.99) Ideally I'd like two cleansers (an oil and a gel) but beggars can't be choosers! This one smells lovely and does an alright job at removing make-up so I could manage with just this, at a push! If I have to use this alone I'd definitely do two cleanses if I've been wearing make-up. Review here.
7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac, £1 | It's been ages since I've used one of these sachet face masks but this one sounds quite nice! It does confuse me that Montagne Jeunesse are now called 7th Heaven (apparently it confuses Boots, too) but I remember rather liking their masks last time I used them, so I'd give this one a go!
I've got 80p left at this point so I'd probably see if I could find anything on clearance (remember these 20p Essie polishes I got!?) or, if not, I'd most likely spend it on chocolate, let's be honest... How would you spend your last £20? I'd love to hear!

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  1. This is such a good post. I love Adriennes blog as well :)
    I don't know how I'd spend my last £20. It's soooo tough xx

  2. What a fun post, I think I'd really struggle to choose my picks! I totally agree with you about TBS body butters, though - the argan oil one is my favourite :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  3. I've got the same Coconut body butter, I love the body shop body butters but I'm getting a little sick of the coconut smell. I shouldn't have bought the large size haha!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  4. I love this post ideas. Oooh its so hard to think of things to spend my last £20. I like your picks! x
    Elaine | Some Of My Favourite Things

  5. I'd probably spend it on books, I can't stop buying books recently - I think I've managed to buy about 15 in the past two weeks x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  6. hahaha such a great post topic!!! I would probably go with a makeup geek eyeshadow (6€), my Maybelline lash sensational mascara (7.5€ on 1+1 free at the drugstore, I cheat I know), and one of the Maybelline matte lipsticks (7€ with the other 1+1 for free) hiihi

  7. Great post and I too would definitely opt for a dry shampoo without question x

  8. What a fun and interesting idea. Dry shampoo and a cleaner is a must. Then concealer, lip balm & mascara for me!

  9. good idea! i probs wouldn't go for colab brand dry shampoo but great choice!

  10. I'm pretty sure I'd spend my last 20£ to food to be honest hahah:D

    <3: Jasmin N | littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

  11. This is a fab idea for a blog post, might do it as well ;) Its good to see what you would get. by the way Nip + Fab is on sale on asos ;)

    Öku Möku

  12. With my last £20 I would make sure I smelt good & felt amazing so therefore I would spend it all on Soap & Glory SMOOTHIE STAR™ GIFT SET, it has everything I need for £20. Thanks for post it was fun to take part :)


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