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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Magazine Freebies | April 2016

It's been a while since I've done a round-up of the freebies available with the month's magazines, which is mainly because there haven't really been any... April's issues are on sale now, though, and it's a pretty good month in my opinion!! Have a peek at what I've got my hands on so far...
April 2016 Magazine Freebies
Glamour (£2, Alexa Chung on the cover) comes with one of four Balance Me products; I've picked up the Revitalising Hand & Body Wash (100ml, worth £6) and the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream (5ml, worth £10) but there are also the Radiance Face Mask (30ml, worth £12) and a Shine On Tinted Lip Salve (10ml, worth £6) available. There's also a sample sachet of Garnier's Ultimate Blends Body Restoring Lotion within the magazine.
Glamour Magazine Balance Me Freebies April 2016
Balance Me Magazine Freebies April 2016

Marie Claire (£3.99, Amy Adams on the cover) comes with one of four Nails Inc polishes, worth £11 each. Shades include 'Moon River', a nude pink; 'Moonlight Shadow', a khaki green; 'Moon Dance', an orange-red; and 'Darkside of the Moon', a deep burgundy. If you're looking to refresh your nail polish collection, this could be just the ticket - more details here!

Have you picked up any of this month's magazine freebies? Are there any you like the look of? If I notice any more I'll update this post!



  1. Ooh the Glamour freebie is definitely worth having! xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I subscribe to Glamour Magazine and got sent the lipgloss. Would definitely of preferred the hand and body wash x

    A British Sparkle

  3. I never got anything with the magazine, is this USA as well?

  4. Unfortunatly the Nails Inc polishes that come with mags (I only ever bought the ones that came with Glamour and are even sometimes branded with the Glamour logo) are the worst polishes ever.
    Streaky, I'd need four coats to get even colour, and I RARELY use two with others. Mostly one is sufficient with any other brand.
    Chipped polish after a day, no matter if one or four layers. I never have that problem with Essie or Essence to name two brands on each end of my spending spectrum.
    Just no!

    I got the balance me lip balm and haven't yet tried it. Looking very much forward to it though.

    1. I've had quite a few of the Nails Inc polishes with Glamour in the past and haven't had any problems really! :) xo

  5. Magazine freebies seem to be improving over the years! I've not bought a magazine with freebies in years but this looks great to try! Thanks for linking up to #shareitsunday x

  6. These are huge! Here I never see freebies :(

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Bazaar has some Elemis product free with it and Elle has a 20% off ASOS card. Thanks for sharing this gonna grab myself Glamour later today :-)


  8. Wow! You got some great freebies..we never get any free stuff here! :(

  9. I'll definitely look out for the Glamour one - although I am really not a fan of Alexa Chung and her knobbly knees on stick-thin legs, LOL! But Balance Me products are really nice. Thanks for the freebie alert!

  10. I've got the Balance Me hand and body wash already, but I'll have to look out for nail varnishes - thanks! x


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