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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Makeup Revolution x British Beauty Blogger | Fortune Favours The Brave

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I (rather naughtily!) treated myself  to Makeup Revolution's new palette designed in collaboration with British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham, and have promptly fallen head over heels in love with it; Fortune Favours The Brave is without a doubt one of the most beautiful palettes I own! I'll definitely be doing another post about this little stunner to share a few more detailed thoughts once I've had more chance to play with it, but for now let's have a little look at it...
Makeup Revolution & British Beauty Blogger Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette
MURxBBB Palette Fortune Favours The Brave
The outer packaging is matte gold card, with the back showing all thirty shades. In a matte gold plastic housing with the Chinese symbol of good fortune on the front, Fortune Favours The Brave features thirty pressed powder eyeshadows, as well as a full-sized mirror and a small double-ended eyeshadow brush. Within the palette, you'll find a gorgeous mixture of matte, shimmer and swirly, marbled multi-toned shadows, all of which are individually named on the plastic overlay. My palette unfortunately came with a couple of little scuffs on the outside, which is a shame.
Fortune Favours The Brave Close Up
First Row (L-R): Glimmer, Buffer, Peachy, Hope, Fortune, Skylight, Transformer, Midnight Rainbow
Second Row: Ice Cloud, Golden Coins, Cashmere, Tip Top, Yes Please, Green Machine, Smoothie
Third Row: Caffeine Fix, Latte, Pink Diamond, Creme, Drama Queen, Lonely Planet, Blacqua
Bottom Row: Soft, New World, Favour, Sunset Hour, Super Gold, Winning, Brave, The Revolution
Aren't they just some of the most gorgeous shade names?! (In these shots, 'Ice Cloud', 'Creme', and 'Soft' all look practically identical, which they're not - I just couldn't get them to look true to colour in my photos. 'Ice Cloud' is a shimmery silvery-white, whilst 'Creme' is a matte yellow-cream and 'Soft' is a matte cream with a cooler tone.)
Makeup Revolution x British Beauty Blogger Fortune Favours The Brave Palette
The shadows are a little smaller than I was anticipating, with each one being smaller than a pound coin in size, but at less than 50p per shadow I can't really complain. I do think it's a stunning selection of shades which are all really wearable and beautifully laid out within the palette. I often think that palettes like this can look kind of thrown-together, but to my eye this is really cohesive and just looks so beautiful, I actually can't get over it. It is honestly gorgeous.
Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave
I've not done a full swatch (you can see all the shades on Jane's blog - here) but I have swatched a few of my favourites for you to have a little look at the quality and shade selection on offer here; all swatches show three swipes with no base. 'New World' is a really unusual shade in the pan, a white shadow with golds and bronzes swirled through it; this translates to a gorgeous shimmery champagne on the lids which is a lot more intensely pigmented than I expected. I'd wear this as a highlight on my cheeks as well! 'Golden Coins' is another swirly shade, this time gorgeous bronzes and golds. When swatched this is a beautiful warm-toned bronze which is perfect for all over the lids. 'Drama Queen' is unlike anything else I own, a matte aubergine shade in the pan which translates to a purple-toned brown on the lids and will be, I think, a lovely crease shade.
Fortune Favours The Brave Swatches
'Green Machine' is a stunning shimmery khaki shade, and what a brilliant name! I love this one and again, it's perfect for all over the lids. 'Peachy' is, as you might guess, a warm-toned peachy shade with a beautiful shimmer running through it. And another swirly shade with a name I love - 'Skylight' is simply gorgeous in the pan, a deep navy blended with gold. Swatched, this shows up as a pretty navy with gold glitter which will be perfect for evening wear.
MURxBBB Fortune Favours The Brave
All the shades I've tried so far have been beautifully pigmented and I can't wait to experiment some more with this! It's such a beautiful palette and I love that it's working to make make-up more accessible - honestly, anyone can wear these shades and it's such an affordable palette, priced at just £9.99. I think we've established I'm besotted with Fortune Favours The Brave! Will you be picking it up? What do you think to Makeup Revolution's first collaboration with a beauty blogger?



  1. This looks like such a lovely pallet! I'd be interested to know how they hold up over the day/evening. Those green/golds on the second row look incredible!

    Sophie x


  2. I need to/want to try this out so badly! The colours look amazing! I really like your pictures in this also by the way! I have never thought of using a magazine as a backdrop!


  3. This palette has some really great shades! Golden Coins looks especially pretty on your swatch!

  4. This is such a bargain and has so many amazing shades

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  5. OMG! So many pretty colors, this is a delightful palette indeed.

  6. Looks like a brilliant palette!

  7. that is a beautiful palette! i would wear all of the shades myself

  8. The shades look absolutely stunning - wow! I need to try and resist as I already have too many palettes and only just had a clear-out haha xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. This palette is truly beautiful. Looks like a birthday treat to myself for sure xx

    A British Sparkle

  10. This is such a gorgeous palette and coming in at only £9.99 it is a complete bargain - definitely need to pick this up!

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  11. There are some just amazing shades on this palette, I cant wait to get it x

  12. I really enjoyed the look of this palette. I personally don't like MUR eyeshadows. they never worked for me.

  13. So many lovely shades in this palette. Something for everyone!


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