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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ten Ways to Make The Most Out of Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to network as a blogger - you can find new reads, get advice and support from people who know the struggles of blogging, make new friends and, of course, have a good old gossip! I don't take part in many chats as they're mostly in the evenings when I'm at work, but when I do get chance to join in, they're always great fun. There are definitely ways to get a bit more out of them, though, so here are my top tips for getting involved... As always, this isn't me saying YOU MUST DO THIS; it's just some things you might find helpful!
Ten Ways To Make The Most Out Of Blogger Twitter Chats
Respect the rules
Some chats are quite structured with a set topic and/or a host asking specific questions, and rules about tweeting links etc. - try and check out the rules and follow them! Winding people up isn't gonna get you anywhere and chats are more enjoyable for everyone when people stick to the rules.
Join in, respond to people
There's no good being a "lurker" in a Twitter chat! If someone asks a question - answer it. If someone says something you agree with, say so! If you disagree, say so (politely of course)! Get involved as much as you can.
Ask questions
There's no better way of starting conversations than asking questions! It might be something about the chat, for example what the topic is or who the host is, or something related to the topic - you might ask about people's top recommendations from LUSH in a chat about pampering, or if people have any tips for organisation in a more general chat. Make sure you respond to anyone who answers your questions, try to keep the conversation going!
Twitter Chats
Use the hashtag in replies - don't be scared to join in conversations
Make sure you use the appropriate hashtag in all your tweets, or people simply won't see them! And don't be afraid of butting into conversations that look interesting - that's the beauty of Twitter chats. You get dozens of little "side-chats" springing up as a handful of people here and there find a topic to discuss.
Be helpful, answer questions
If you see someone ask a question you know the answer to, then answer it - for example people who are late might ask who the host is or what the topic is. If someone's asking something else that you know about, say so, and if you have a blog post about it - offer to link them!
If you ask for links, try to check at least some of them out & leave a comment saying you've come via the chat
It's common at the end of chats to ask for links to people's blogs - I usually send a tweet out towards the end, sharing my own link and asking for links in return. If you do this, please try to have a look at the links you receive and, if you can't leave a comment for whatever reason, at least tweet the sender with some feedback - even if it's just "Love your header!" It's not nice to feel ignored.
Blogger Twitter Chats
Tweet a few observations
I have a tendency to tweet things about how quickly the chat is going or how I'm struggling to keep up (I always struggle to keep up) - things people will identify with. These pretty much always get a few responses. I also think it's polite to to tweet the host (if there is one!) at the end of the chat to thank them.
If you get chatting to someone, follow them!
An obvious one, really, but if you've exchanged a few tweets with someone, it's nice to follow them so you can carry on chatting to them in future.
Blogging Twitter Chats Tips
Have a couple of tabs open
This is the best way I've found of keeping up with chats, as they can move very quickly, with hundreds of tweets being sent per minute. I generally have one tab open with my notifications so I can see if people reply to my tweets, one open with the hashtag (set to 'live') so I can see all the tweets as they happen, and one of the host's profile (if there is one) so I can see any questions etc. You can do this through Tweetdeck, too, but I just prefer the desktop version of Twitter.
Have a look through your Twitter Analytics afterwards
This is mostly just because I'm a bit of a geek and I love stats and analytics of any description, but I always like to have a little look at my Analytics after a chat - I find it so interesting to see how my impressions and engagements shoot up on days when I've got involved with a chat! Hopefully you can see below that I got a good couple of thousand more impressions on the 10th and 24th of April when I took part in the #bbloggers chats.
Twitter Chat Analytics
What are your top tips for Twitter chats? Is there something you always try to do, or avoid doing? Do you have any bugbears or pet hates with chats? I'd love to hear!



  1. Great post, I think Twitter chats are so good but I've been really lazy about them of late so I need to get back into it!

    Makeup Monster

  2. I love twitter chats and used to join in every week when I first started blogging, but recently havent had the time :/. They are a great to find new friends and talk to bloggers, thanks for reminding me I'm going to try and make the next one.


  3. Absolutely a necessary post for me as I am engaging in Twitter chats more and using my social media. This was very informative thank you!

  4. I'm not using my Twitter account very often but after reading your post I'm definitely going to use it more from now on!! :)

  5. Hey, really enjoyed reading this! I've only just got into chats, and like you I'm a massive geek. I tend to have my Google Analytics open on a tab on realtime at the same time so I can see engagement on my site too!


  6. I have never been good at using Twitter So this is the a great blog post and be using some of these tips, Thanks

  7. What a great guide. I join in on Twitter chats now and again, it's a great way of finding new blogs

  8. Great post. I've only just started to get involved in twitter chats so these top tips are really useful for a newbie to the blogging world. Thanks x

  9. I think Twitter chats are great but found this blog post so helpful 😊


  10. I take part in Brum Hour, which is a Twitter chat, and have made both friends and contacts through it. Do love a good twitter chat.

  11. Some great tips here lovely, will be applying them in upcoming chats xxx

  12. Great tips about Twitter chats! I love getting involved with them, it's lovely to interact xx

  13. Hey Hey!!

    I came via the #BloggerationChat this morning!! Thanks so much for this post I always find it interesting to read what other's think of twitter chats and what hints and tips they have! I love them because I get to connect with some awesome bloggers that I may not have in my feed!!! =) I've held a few chats myself and I love it for the same reason as well as to read the answers to the questions! =)

    Great blog i'm off for a read around!
    www.writingrambling.co.uk (my new post is a cocktail one!!!!)

  14. Fab tips lovely, great to chat with you in the #bloggerationchat this morning :]

    My General Life

  15. These are some great tips! I don't think I have ever taken part of twitter chat x

    Pink Frenzy

  16. Love this! This month my focus is really on joining new online communities. I sometimes feel a bit cringeworthy trying to join chats cause I think people just won't want to know me haha! I find them so useful though.

  17. I love twitter chats, I try and get involved at least once a week, I find it a really good place to meet other bloggers and make new friends. My one pet peeve is people who schedule promo links for their post in the middle of a chat though, just winds me up! I never even thought about checking twitter analytics definitely going to do that in the future!

    love, roz xx

  18. Great post!

    I love joining in in blogger chats, I must try and get involved weekly though, its such a good way to pick up new tips & network with others who love the same thing as us! You've made me feel more inspired :)

    love smallfreckles x


  19. I always forget about twitter chats, there does seem to be a lot of them!

  20. I can never remember which chat is on which day and usually end up joining whichever one I see the hashtag for x

  21. Really awesome tips! I love Twitter chats and find them immensely helpful in building a following. The topics are usually really fun.


  22. Twitter chats are so much fun! I always make sure to like those who share links with me to read up on their blog! (:

    Single Vegas Girl


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