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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hello April!

It's hard to believe we're already in the fourth month of 2016 - what madness is this!? March has been a pretty good month, as they go - I've had my temporary Assistant Psychologist contract extended through til the end of May, which is awesome, and I've managed to get up to lots of fun things. As has become tradition for me, I'm having a little look back at the last month, and how I got on with my mini-goals, before setting some new ones for the month ahead!
Hello April
Bake something. Well I made fudge, if that counts?! It wasn't technically baking it as you just mix everything up in a pan and heat it for a bit without ever going near the oven, but I'm going to tick this one off anyway as it was bloody good fudge. So there we are.
• See friends at least twice. I'm counting one Easter meal out, a couple of pub quizzes, lunch with my best friend from primary school, tea & cake with a high school friend, and a few days in Leeds visiting my brother and another high school friend. I consider this one well and truly complete!
• Walk somewhere new. Sadly I didn't make it to Grasmere so there was no gingerbread involved, but I did arrange a "date"/walk at Ennerdale which was gorgeous - it was a bit of a grey drizzly day but still a lovely little walk, with some snow on the hills around us. However, I don't recommend paddling in Ennerdale Water in March. Cold is not the word! (The ice cream isn't in Ennerdale. That was in Morecambe, although I'm not sure that was any more appropriate. #ItsAlwaysIcecreamWeatherWhenYoureNorthern)
Ennerdale Water March 2016
Morecambe Ice Cream March 2016
Keep working on my fitness. I've not been going to the gym in the Easter holidays (my gym is in a holiday park so it's ridiculously busy at holiday times!) but I have been running so I'm going to count this one. Sadly I somehow got a puncture on my bike which took me ages to get round to fixing...
• Finish the month at least £100 from the bottom of my overdraft. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to count this to be honest because payday was super-early in March thanks to the all the Bank Holidays around Easter, but I never came within £100 of the bottom of my overdraft so technically I guess it was a success? I was a bit spendier than I might have liked in March (erm, hello Makeup Revolution x British Beauty Blogger 'Fortune Favours The Brave' Palette aka my new favourite thing in all the world) but a lot of it was stocking up on essentials like shampoo and shower gel, so I guess that had to be done.
Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave
Anyway, I'm quite proud of myself over here; that's five out of five goals achieved in March! Hurrah! And, per tradition, it's time to think about what I hope to achieve in the month of April... I suspect it's going to be a busy one as I only have four days off all month, but hopefully I can squeeze some of these in somewhere along the way:
Run 5km continuously. This is a challenge! I've been running a 5km loop pretty frequently over the past few weeks, but haven't yet managed to do the whole thing without having to stop and walk for a bit... I'm hoping that if I stick with it, April can be the month I do it all in one go. It should get easier as the weather warms up a bit, as my asthma means my lungs have a tendency towards playing up with cold air.
Finish the month at least £250 from the bottom of my overdraft. Again, I'm not sure how well I'll go with this, but I don't have a credit card bill to pay this month which should help! I'm going to be making a conscious effort to be a little less "spendy" than March and hopefully make a bit more headway in becoming debt-free - or at least, overdraft-free, as I'm just ignoring my student loan and hoping it goes away...
See friends at least twice. Pretty straightforward on the face of it, although this one might be made a little trickier by my lack of days off this month. We'll see. I do like making the effort to see my friends, though, so hopefully I'll manage at least twice!!
Farleton Knott March 2016
What do you have planned for April? Did you achieve your goals in March?



  1. I absolutely adore fudge and have never thought to make some before. This will be the next thing I make I think. And yes, as they were so tasty, you can def cross baking off the list haha

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. That Ice Cream looks SO good. Well done! You have done so well with your goals. I always set goals and fail to keep to them, so I admire your determination!

    Throw Me Something Beautiful

  3. Beautiful photos :)


  4. What a great idea to do lists like this!

  5. i also need to be less spendy myself. i don't dar look at my bank account atm as ive already spent a bit since april started :x

  6. Seeing friends is also on my list. Good luck with your goals this month lovely. xxx

  7. I want that eye-shadow palette! And running, that's working out! I'm not much of a runner, which I could be. I keep to bike riding to see the beauty outside!

  8. It's nice that you make these goals and try to keep them. They help you to focus on your objectives. And even something like meeting with friends is important and can get lost in the everyday shuffle of life.


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