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Monday, 4 April 2016

Spring Homewares*

With the clocks having gone forward last week and the days already starting to last a little longer, I'm hoping that Spring isn't going to be far away! I am so done with cold, dark days and not being able to feel my feet. Bring on sunshine, green things and floral/pastel-everything, amirite? With this in mind, Ocean Loans challenged me to update my décor* a little for Spring... Let's have a peek at what I've treated myself to!
Spring Homeware Updates
As I live with my parents at the moment (don't get me started...) I've tried to choose little things that will make a difference in my room without taking up too much space. My first port of call for something a little bit more unusual is always Not On The High Street; I have such a thing for glassware, so I picked up the gorgeous Ribbed Glass Lantern, as well as the Mini Milk Bottle Vase. These are both so cute and really add a little something. I picked up a couple of Yankee Candle Simply Home votive candles at Asda to go in the lantern - these are an absolute bargain at just £1 each!
Spring Homewares Update
Like the majority of beauty bloggers, I imagine, I have a bit of an assortment of beauty products that live on my bedside table; you never know what you might need in the middle of the night! I'm forever knocking things over, though, so I picked up this lovely Copper Star Tray which will (I hope!) help to keep all my bits and pieces together tidily. I imagine you'll see this popping up in blog photos, too, as I'm a little bit obsessed with it... I also got the Hammered Copper Drinks Coaster which I think goes really nicely with the star tray; I love the warm tones of the copper.
Spring Stationery
I'm not sure that this Monochrome Weekly Planner Pad is technically classed as homeware but it is undeniably lovely, and will hopefully keep me feeling that little bit more organised, especially now I'm back at work after my annual leave... I really love pretty prints on my walls and whilst this The World Is Your Oyster card is, well, a card, it does the same job in my book! Again, not technically homeware, but bought with the intention of neatening up my living space as much as possible - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying has become a cult favourite over the last year or so, and I'm keen to see if it can work its magic for me! How are you freshening up your homewares for Spring? What are your favourite parts of your home to switch up with the seasons? Have you been Kondo'd yet?

[*I was given a budget to spend for this post. Post contains affiliate links.]


  1. OOh now I do like the star tray what a great space for decoration that is x

  2. Everything is lovely, but the star tray is the star of the show! What a beauty <3

  3. Yankee Candkes for £1? Sounds like I need to go to ASDA! : ) xxxx

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

  4. Your lantern is so cute!!

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  5. Some beautiful pieces! I love the quote xxx

  6. I love that little star tray <3

  7. Love your new decor. You did an awesome job updating it. :)


  8. I love the look of your copper star as I love stars xx

  9. I deffo need that weekly planner!


  10. I love the look of the tray you have there, its so pretty x

    Pink Frenzy


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