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Monday, 2 May 2016

Hello May!

We're going to gloss over the fact that it's May already because I really don't know how to process that or where the year is going! I know they same time going faster is a sign you're getting older but seriously, this is madness. April was a bit of a crazy month for me with only five days off work all month (it should have been four but I ended up taking another day off as annual leave...) and barely time to think, so I've not done as well as I'd hoped with the goals I set myself...
Run 5km continuously. I've only run once in April so this one just hasn't happened... It took me til the 30th, when I managed 2.25 miles with my best friend. I don't really have an excuse, I just haven't felt like running - but I have been swimming and going to the gym, so it's not like I've been sat around doing nothing! I think I'll carry this one over to May as I'm hoping we'll have some nicer weather and I'll feel a bit more inspired to get out and run!
Finish the month at least £250 from the bottom of my overdraft. I knew this one was ambitious and I was close to succeeding... Sadly I forgot about my overdraft charges so I didn't quite manage it, but I was still further from the bottom than I was in March, so it was progress even if it wasn't as much as I'd hoped. I won't be setting a concrete overdraft-based goal for May as work messed up my wages and didn't pay me for the two Bank Holidays I worked in March, but hopefully I'll be able to pick this one back up in June and keep working on it!
See friends at least twice. Well I did at least manage this one! One birthday gathering with some school friends involving a lot of Chinese takeaway and excessively competitive board games, one pub quiz with the same friends which we definitely didn't win, one late-night walk... I also had a day out with my Mum at Wray scarecrow festival, which was good fun! It's been quite a fun month actually.
One out of three. Not great, is it!? But onwards and upwards, as they say; here's what I'm hoping to achieve in May:

See friends at least twice. I like setting this goal, it feels like an achievable target for me and means I'm more likely to make an effort to get out and see the people that matter to me. So, I'm sticking with it and hoping I'll be able to meet up with friends at least twice in May!
Run 5km continuously. This speaks for itself; I ignored this goal entirely in April but I'm going to give it a good go this month and hopefully be able to complete my little 5km-loop without having to stop and walk! Cross your fingers for me.
Get a job. I've got an interview coming up in a couple of weeks for a full-time Assistant Psychologist post - I'll have to see how it goes, as it's for an area I don't have a lot of experience in, but it'll be my first interview of 2016 so I'm hopeful that they'll offer me the job... You never know! I'm so ready for a proper job and being able to move back out of my parents' house...

May is actually going to be quite a busy month for me, what with this interview, all the extra shifts I'm doing at work, and going to see Busted in a couple of weeks... I'm pretty excited about that! What have you got planned for the month? Are you setting yourself any goals? I'd love to hear what you're hoping to achieve!!




  1. wow jess well done for april (running in the crazy weather last month couldn't have been pleasant, so not your fault!) and good luck on your job hunt! I just got a temporary spot until august and can't wait to start!

    1. Thanks Alice! Good luck with your new job, too <3 xo

  2. Good luck getting a job!
    Great post idea on monthly goals, you have done very well :)

  3. Good luck with the interview! Mine would be along the same fitness lines - running 5k would be a great achievement for me! x

  4. A scarecrow festival sounds like it would be immensely fun x

  5. Good luck on your job possibility! Hey, life is one step at a time and making the most of those steps. You got this girl :)

  6. Good luck with the job interview! I don't really have any plans for this month - I am going on holiday on the 13th though so my main plan at the moment is to try and tone up a bit in the ten days or so before it so I fit into my holiday clothes. This is going to be a difficult one! ;-)

    Paula / http://insertmyblognamehere.blogspot.com

  7. I'm impressed that you managed with only five days off last month, and I don't blame you for not feeling like going running after that! Good luck with your goals for this month! I'm seeing Busted too, so excited! Stephanie x

  8. Oh wow good luck for your interview - I am sure you will ace it. I know what you mean about the year flying by - how is it May already? Looks like you have some great goals for the month ahead

    Laura x


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