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Monday, 6 June 2016

Ten Things I'd Rather Do Than The Things I Should Be Doing

Ah, procrastination. We've all been there... An essay deadline; a looming exam date; a tax return; passport renewal forms... Those Important Adult Things that are, put simply, not very interesting. And so you find yourself doing anything but the Important Adult Thing you're supposed to be doing. If you've never done this, please keep quiet, so as not to make the rest of us look bad. Here are ten things you'll find me doing when there's something important that I really need to get on with
[Photo credit Creative Convex. Edited by myself.]
01. Cleaning. I quite enjoy cleaning anyway but there's nothing like a form I'm meant to be filling in to make me want to hoover the stairs, wash my make-up brushes or re-organise my (somewhat excessive) collection of body butters!
02. Online shopping. My bank balance hates me for this, I'm sure, but somehow I always remember about that amazing cushion I'd saved in my wishlist when there's a time-sensitive task in hand.
03. Do (and then re-do) my make-up. There's nothing like a killer smokey eye and/or razor-sharp eyeliner flicks to motivate you to get shit done. But they have to be perfect. Obviously.
04. Applying for jobs. I know I need to get tomorrow's blog post scheduled, so now is clearly the ideal time to search for my dream job and get my application submitted.
05. Writing blog posts. There's a job I need to apply for or an interview I ought to prepare for, so I definitely need to write up my post for a week next Wednesday...
[Photo credit Creative Convex.]
06. Instagram. I've been trying to make more of an effort to interact on Instagram and comment on people's photos. It doesn't necessarily need to be done when there's something more important to get on with... But somehow that's the most appealing time!
07. Sleep. Ahhh, the procrastanap; a student favourite, I am not above avoiding adult responsibilities by sleeping! It may be almost three years since I finished my Masters, but I'm still mourning the loss of my student discount and I'm still woefully bad at mornings.
08. WhatsApping. You know when you suddenly realise you've not spoken to such and such a body in a few weeks? What better time to say hi and have a catch-up than when you really ought to be doing something productive with your time?!
09. Planning my lottery win. This is an important consideration! Obviously I'd pay off my student loans first, but what to do with what's left...?! What do I do first - holiday? Do my parents' house up for them? Buy a house of my own? I feel this may be a better use of my time if I actually played the lottery but that's neither here nor there.
10. Learn something new. There is an ideal time to learn how to do calligraphy, or count to ten in Italian, or make macarons. Obviously, that time is now.

What about you - are there any things you always find yourself doing when there's something you really should be doing? What are your favoured forms of procrastination? Let me know!

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  1. I'm a terrible procrastinator as well. It doens't matter what I have to do and when the deadline is, I always find something else to do instead - it's terrible! x

  2. that your first point is cleaning amazes me hahah
    my procrastination is all social media, makeup, shopping and reading books/watching youtube

  3. I totally relate to this, I am the procrastination queen! Never doing what I should be! xo


  4. Haha, loved it. I'm not too bad when it comes to procrastinating. Sometimes I get sidetracked it can happen when you're working on a laptop, all the tabs open lead to something...xo

  5. Ha I love planning my lottery win, over and over again and also when on Pinterest x

  6. My procrastination is definitely governed by social media and like you, I like to clean as well!

  7. I write lists but then do them at my leisure, there are so many things we should do, but life is definitely too short to worry.

  8. Sleep is always my go-to! I laughed at "planning for the lottery" though-- that is totally my husband! This list is on POINT. xX

  9. all these points for me too :'(

  10. I can relate to the online shopping :D My bank balance hates me too lol

    Pink Frenzy
    Öku Möku

  11. Cleaning...noooo! I'd rather do anything that cleaning. I find myself distracted very easily lately if I'm honest. Pinterest is the worst distraction.

  12. i should be tidying and organising my room but am distracted :P i actually don't mind tidying since i know where I'm putting things!

  13. I always make time for sleep and cake :) x

  14. I know the feeling! Everytime i have to do some important tasks I suddenly fall in love with cleaning, reading books etc. sigh..

  15. I resemble this post! ANYTHING but what I am supposed to be doing lol!

  16. I've been trying to give a little IG love as well! :-)

  17. This made me laugh, I am awfully guilty of this as well! I am my most creative when I have something pressing to do. :P

  18. Haha that's so true. The constant struggle ��


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