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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Mix & Mask with Origins & LatestInBeauty

Multi-masking has been all the rage lately, and Latest in Beauty have released a new box in collaboration with BritishBeautyBlogger Jane Cunningham; the Mix & Mask with Origins box contains variously sized samples of nine of Origins's best-selling products, and I was powerless to resist... Alongside a mini-magazine explaining why Jane chose each of the products included, let's have a look at what you get for your dollah!
[I Instagrammed this yesterday and it was quickly brought to my attention that the box has now, in fact, sold out. I was in two minds whether to post this or not but have decided to because (a) I'm hoping they'll re-stock? and (b) I'd already got the post all written out and I'm too excited about it to not post. So, I'm sorry for posting about something you can't currently buy...]
Isn't the graphic floral design just gorgeous?! First out of my box were 10ml single-use pods of three masks including Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Drink Up 10 Minute Mask, and Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask for Problem Skin - I've already tried and loved the Clear Improvement and Out of Trouble masks, and have wanted to try the ten-minute version of Drink Up for ages! These pods are a fab way to try out a mask, or they would be perfect for travelling with if you already know you love the mask in question.
Also in the box was a 95ml bottle of Maskimiser Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer, which claims to soften your skin and optimise its condition to enhance your face mask experience. This is the full-sized product, worth £18.50, which is nearly the full cost of the box! I'll admit I'm a little dubious about how well this will work, but I'm still keen to give it a try.
Next up, we have a 70ml bottle of By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask; again, this is full-sized, with a value of £30. It contains Spirulina and Spinach, and claims to deeply cleanse, refresh and unclog pores without stripping the skin. A 15ml tube of Origins's new GinZing Peel-Off Mask (value around £4.80) claims to refresh and refine the complexion, leaving you with glowing skin. 30ml of the Original Skin Retexturizing Mask (value around £7.20) is a welcome addition, as I've been wanting to try it for a while - mainly because it's pink, let's be honest! 30ml of Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (value around £12.50) is another one I was pleased to see, as I've almost finished my much-loved tube of this hydrating champion
Finally, it's not technically a mask, but a 50ml tube of VitaZing SPF15 Energy-Boosting Moisturiser with Mangosteen is a very welcome addition for me; I've used this tinted moisturiser in the past and loved it, so I'm glad to have a new tube. This has a value of £29, so again, it's more than the box's price - you really are getting a bargain!
There's also (as if that wasn't enough!) a voucher for £10 off a £30 spend on the Origins website. The Mix & Mask with Origins box is priced at £20 including P+P, currently out of stock here; with a value of over £100 (and that's not even including the pods!), I think it's a fab way to try out a whole selection of Origins's brilliant masks, or stock up on a few old favourites if you've tried them before, so I'd definitely recommend picking it up if they re-stock.
Latest In Beauty BritishBeautyBlogger Mix & Mask with Origins Box
In the meantime, or if you'd prefer to select your own products for a beauty box, you can check out my post on Latest in Beauty's Build-Your-Own Beauty Box, available here from just £8.99. Do you like Origins face masks? Is this the sort of beauty box you'd buy?

[Post contains affiliate links, but I bought the box myself because I do think it's a right bargain!]


  1. What an amazing box, I love face masks, in fact I love the whole box this is certainly something I would buy x

  2. Can't believe I missed this! Have been wanting to try Origins masks for so long, this was such good value!!

    Milly | Mini Adventures

  3. I love a good face mask and this box is very much to my liking. Great selection of goodies to try to.

  4. I can see why it sold out so quickly, some really beautiful products in this box.

  5. I am a sucker for face masks, these look great too!

  6. Can't believe how much stuff you get in that box! I've never tried Origins before but heard some great stuff about their products :)

  7. That looks like a really good value box. I haven't had a face mask in about 20 years!

  8. This looks amazing, such good value! I wish I'd been on the ball and picked this up while I had the chance!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  9. I am so glad I got this box, such amazing value for money and so many products that I wanted to try x

  10. oh my God this box is amazing.I love all these products

  11. Nine awesome items in a Mix & Mask with Origins box. Such a great deal! I am interested most with the Moisturiser with Mangosteen. :)

  12. I am gutted that I missed out on this, looks like such a good box. I bought the intense night mask when I was on holiday as it was miles cheaper in America x

  13. Jane always does the best beauty boxes! Gutted I missed out on this one x

  14. I bought this too and absolutely LOVE it!! Saving all the masks for when I travel xxx

  15. Wow, looks fab! I just picked up few of their goodies yesterday x

    Öku Möku


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