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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hello October!

We're now officially into the final quarter of 2016 which is more than just a little bit terrifying; I honestly don't know where this year has gone, it doesn't feel like five minutes since I was sat in the park watching the fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve... Yet before we know it, it'll be time to do it again! Aaaanyway, let's not get too carried away - there's three months between then and now, so plenty of time to achieve lots of things hopefully! You can catch up with my goals from last month in my September In Retrospect post, and here are my goals for October:
Apply for clinical training. Becoming a Psychologist requires you to do a doctorate, which is a very competitive course to get onto - I've never applied before and on average, it takes three applications to get onto, so I'm not holding out too much hope for this year... I'm basically viewing it as getting the first application out of the way. The deadline isn't until the end of November but I'd like to get it out of the way sooner rather than later so that I don't have to worry about it.
See friends at least twice. This has become a standard monthly goal for me, but I enjoy including it as it does mean I make the effort to catch up with friends when I might otherwise put it off - it's all too easy to let months slip by without seeing the people who matter!
Join the gym. This was on my list last month and I just didn't get round to it, so I need to make time this month to get on with it!
Get my hair cut shorter. I've got a haircut booked in a couple of days and I'm planning to have quite a bit taken off (you can see how long it is currently in my post about my Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler), so my goal here is basically not to bottle it! I hate having my hair cut so I'm going to have to be brave.
Look into savings accounts. Gosh, what a boring, adult goal! I've got into the habit of putting away a bit of money each month, but the interest rate on the account it's in is, for want of a better word, shite, so I need to see if I can find anything better - I know interest rates have dropped since Brexit (don't get me started on that) but I still think it's worth having a browse and comparing accounts. Every little helps!
Finish the month no more than £750 into my overdraft. If you read these goals posts regularly, you'll see that I'm getting there with this overdraft thing! Considering I was right at the bottom (-£2000!!!!) at the beginning of the year, I'm really proud of my progress, and I'm hoping to be able to pay it off completely, without having to dip into it at all, next year.
I don't really have any major plans this month but I'm hoping to make it quite productive nonetheless! Do you have anything nice planned for October? What are your goals for the month?



  1. Good luck with your application - fingers crossed for you! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Good luck achieving your goals, especially the doctorate!! Clever lady!

  3. Good luck with achieving your goals- wish I had such initiative as you!

  4. I cannot believe it is October already! Good luck with all your goals for the mouth, you can do it! x

  5. I don't have any goals specifically for October but I've got a few I really want to finish by the end of the year!


  6. Love this post lady! I REALLY need to join a gym and also I'm hoping to grow my hair so need to book in some regular cuts and pay it some TLC so *hopefully it grows a bit more for winter!

    Hayley xo

  7. Good luck with all of your goals this month!

  8. Well done on the overdraft! I remember that feeling of being at the bottom of it. It's depressing!

    Corinne x

  9. It is so true it is very easy to let the months slip by without making an effort for friends but luckily we can plan weekly meet ups x

  10. The final quarter of the year - gosh that is scary! Well done on your overdraft. A necessary evil for me unfortunately. Kaz x

  11. Goodluck with your goals. I love setting montly goals, it gives me motivation :) Well done on the overdraft. xx

  12. I think it is such a good idea to set goals each month and to be able to tick off the ones that have been achieved.

  13. I've recently moved so I'm debating on joining the gym! I love going but it's working it into my actual busy life at the moment!


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