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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Magazine Freebies | November 2016

Another month, another round of magazine freebies to peruse and pick up as per your whims! I've only seen a couple so far this month, but they're good ones... Read on to find out what goodies you can get your mitts on with your reading material this month.
InStyle (£3.99) comes with a 10ml deluxe sample of This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up, a three-in-one moisturiser, mask and primer which claims to be... "A portable pick-me-up that evens, plumps and brightens instantly. Bio Boost, our unique blend of precious plant oils combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine, revitalises the skin for a naturally radiant complexion. Rapidly erases signs of fatigue and boosts hydration to be ready for that 'close-up' in seconds." which sounds pretty good to me! This is £30 for the full-size 40ml, which makes this sample worth about £7.50.
Marie Claire (£3.99) comes with one of two Balance Me hand creams - choose between 50ml tubes of their original Super Moisturising Hand Cream, or the gorgeously-scented Rose Otto Hand Cream. Both retail at £10 for this size of tube. I've been really impressed with the Super Moisturising cream in the past, so I decided to try something new this time and went for the Rose Otto!
Have you picked up any of this month's magazine freebies yet? Have you spotted any other gems on the newsagent's stands?



  1. I have been trying to find a copy of Marie Claire because I really want to try the Balance Me hand cream!! Can't find a copy anywhere though, I shall try a new agents in town :) I do love a good freebie, hehe. xx

  2. I love the This Works In Transit, it is brilliant x

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's terrible but I hardly ever by a magazine these days unless there's a good freebie!

    Gemma x | www.flutterandsparkle.com

  4. I love magazine freebies so I was drawn to this post like a fly to a light! I love the thisworks range I didn't even know they did a primer! X X X

  5. I spotted the In Style In Transit earlier. Have you used it yet? Might get it if it's a good one :) You have a lovely blog Jess. Lots of love, Helen x

  6. as each month goes by I swear to myself for not being in the UK and being able to pick up these freebies! But now that I'm in the US, I need to find out if I can get smt here as well! :D

  7. in Pakistan, if there is something free with the magazine, the shop keeper keeps it for himself.. :@

  8. I have not managed to pick up any freebies this month. I do really love the balance me range so will be looking out for that one!


  9. Now that the weather is turning colder I like how the hand creams are all coming out - great idea as they are much needed!

  10. How did you find the Rose Otto? Is it a good one? Thanks!

  11. That's a really nice freebies! i don't know why but it seems like our local magazines stopped giving out freebies

  12. These sound super nice :D and the magazines will be great too I'm sure haha

    XX SofiaaDot

  13. Great freebies, I love it when magazines have good freebies, I always look out for the free Benefit products.


  14. I am grabbing the magazines this week. Can't wait to spot the freebies.

  15. We really do, as men, get total and utter rubbish 'freebies' in comparison. I saw a packet of tictacs on one magazine last week!

  16. These kind of posts always makes me wish we would get freebies with magazines, but no such luck. These both are great brands and something I would like to try x

    Öku Möku


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