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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Five Nail Polish Shades That Are Perfect For Autumn!

Much as I'm not really a fan of Autumn, one thing I do love about the cooler months is the rich, deep colours - give me a good burgundy or navy over pastels, anyday! I struggle to find the time to paint my nails very often, but here are a few of the shades you're likely to find me wearing in the coming weeks...
Five Nail Polish Shades That Are Perfect For Autumn
Nails Inc 'Midnight' | You can actually pick this up for free with this month's issue of Glamour if you're in the UK! It's a beautiful deep, super-glossy navy which I'm currently wearing on my toenails. I love this one, I think it looks really chic and classy. (Swatch shows one coat)
Ciaté 'Dangerous Affair' | A gorgeous autumnal burgundy shade, this is the sort of thing I love for a subtle pop of colour in the autumn months; it's a bit different than a simple nude or black, but will go with most things and looks really polished. This was actually a magazine freebie last month, but you can find it at £9 for 13.5ml here. (Swatch shows two coats)
Nails Inc 'Lexington Street' | I know I said I don't go for pastels, and I know this is kind of a pastel... But I'm including it as a nude. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! This is a really pretty almost baby-pink creme shade which will look "done" without being overdone. Free with Glamour this month, or you can buy the NailKale version at £14 for 14ml here. (Swatch shows two coats)
Models Own 'Absinthe' | This gorgeous emerald-green shade from Models Own's Velvet Goth collection is the perfect party shade in my book! A gorgeous shade with plenty of sparkle, this is one of my favourite nail polishes ever. I can't actually find it to buy online which I'm a bit sad about. (Swatch shows two coats)
Barry M 'Raspberry' | Now here's a classic! This is, as the name suggests, a beautiful pinky-red raspberry shade, with a smooth creamy finish - it's the brightest of the bunch but still deep enough to be decidedly autumnal. I hadn't realised how similar this is to the Ciaté shade until I looked back at these photos - 'Raspberry' is just a tiny bit brighter. And of cours, Barry M polishes are a bargain - grab this at just £2.99 for 10ml here. (Swatch shows one coat)
Autumn Nail Polish Swatches
Autumn Nail Polishes
What are you wearing on your nails at the moment? Do you like the look of any of my picks? Do you have any go-to Autumn shades that I need to try?



  1. I got the Midnight one too from Glamour it is such a pretty colour for Autumn , also loving the Ciaté one. :)


  2. I'm loving this selection, especially that midnight blue #swoon

  3. Gorgeous colours! If you like these shades there's absolutely nothing stopping you from wearing them year round. ;)

  4. These are stunning! I love the Barry M shade and they're a great nail brand in general :)

  5. So funny, I'm wearing the Nails Inc x Glamour one right now, I put a coating of gold glitter over the top. Please do check out my #mumsthatslay linky would love to see you there xxx

  6. These shades are beautiful! I love Absinthe! Its so pretty x

  7. Midnight from Nails Inc is definitely my kind of shade. I like darker shades x

  8. I love the Nails Inc, I also got the pale pink one! They look so pretty and dry so well :) x

  9. These are all gorgeous. I hardly ever wear nail polish as I am not allowed to in work! :( xx

  10. Love them all - especially the red one. I haven't 'done' my nails in ages. Kaz x

  11. I love all of these shades, reminds me that I need to do my nails! x

  12. These look really good, but the green one is definitely my favourite :)


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