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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Five Reasons I Love Going To The Gym

Since re-joining the gym (all of a week and a half ago, let's be honest - I can't really claim it's a long-standing habit just yet!), I've been making the effort to get up a bit earlier and fit a workout in before work. I've found that if I'm organised the night before, I can fit in a whole workout by getting up just 45 minutes earlier! Whereas before I'd faff around in the morning, deciding what to make for lunch, what to wear, and scrolling through Twitter - now I can get up, get dressed, grab my things and go. It makes me feel all virtuous. Here are five other reasons I'm loving my new-found early morning gym almost-habit...
Five Reasons I Love Going To The Gym
[Photo Credit: Death To Stock.]
It gives me chance to wake up.
I'm not a morning person. We've talked about this. However, this little routine means that I can drag myself from my bed when my alarm goes off, put on clothes that are already ready, pick up gym kit and work stuff that are already packed, get breakfast and lunch from the fridge that are already made and get on my way - all on autopilot. As long as I've got some idea what I'm doing when I get to the gym, I can get started on that and shock myself awake quite nicely!
New gymwear.
I've been raiding Primark and feeling entirely justified in stocking up on new sports bras and the like. I was quickly finding I was running out of clean gym kit - especially considering I'm going straight from the gym to work, and then wanting to pack my kit for the next morning soon after I get home - it doesn't leave much time for drying things out! And few things beat the feeling of pretty new gymwear...
[Photo Credit: Pink Pot.]
It's worked wonders for my body image - already!
Whilst I know there's not been any physical change in my body just yet (it's only been a fortnight!), I've already had a massive shift in what I see in the mirror - which was honestly just what I needed. Whereas before I'd look at my reflection and see "imperfections" - wobbly thighs, flabby tummy, flappy bits on my arms - now, it's like looking at someone else altogether. I see muscle definition and a strong, confident woman, which sounds cheesy and a bit daft, but it's true. There's lots of research about the benefits of exercise for mental health and body image - and I'm definitely seeing it in action!
I'm less inclined towards cake at lunchtime...
My office is within a three-minute walk of Asda, which is frankly dangerous! I'd got into a bit of a bad habit of "just popping to the shop" on my dinner break and buying food - despite the fact of having brought lunch with me. I'm really trying to focus on healthier habits, which don't involve binge-eating share packs of chocolate buttons, and I find that I'm much less inclined to do so when I've been to the gym - it would feel like a waste of my hard work! This is also great financially - if I save just £1.50 per workday, it's paid off my gym membership for the month...

& there's no guilt when cake o'clock does happen.
Because some days, it's just inevitable, y'know? But hey, who cares, I burnt off my French Fancy while the rest of the office was still asleep! Actually that's probably not strictly true since most of my office has small children, but even so... It's all about moderation, right!? A little mid-afternoon treat is much more acceptable when I've raised my metabolism early on in the day with a good blast on the cross-trainer or a few sets of squats...
What are your favourite things about exercising? Do you have anything to add to my list? If you're looking for some tips on how to get into exercising in the morning, check out Charlotte's fab post - she's an inspiration!



  1. I'm glad you've got a routine that works for you! I actually do all of my exercise at night - I go to 9pm adult gymnastics classes after I finish coaching and it is so much fun. It does also stop cake and cheese guilt for me haha! x

  2. It sounds like you have a routine which is working for you for sure x

  3. Number five is just the perfect cherry on top! I would add for number six that I love to sweat... is that weird? xX

  4. I too have no guilty for cake o'clock because I am working as hard in the gym as I am eating so happy about that.

  5. When I used to go to the gym before work it was certainly a great way to get me to wake up x

  6. I'm glad you enjoy the gym, I could never get into it as I'd rather use my energy doing the housework which is enough of a workout for me LOL;-)

  7. I NEEEEEEED to join a gym, keep saying this but I really do. I keep looking in Primark for gym clothes but I never see any! xo

  8. I really NEED to join the gym to be honest, when I was working out at home I felt so much more productive and motivated! And yes, when cake time came around, I didn't feel so guilty! Great post. xx

  9. I miss the gym but we have a dog and I refuse to pay for a gym when we get all our exercise by taking him out x

  10. Well done - I need to exercise more but just cannot get to a gym. Kaz x

  11. Going to the gym makes you feel so good, i should do it more often but I don't.

  12. GREAT POST! Just made me realize how much I miss going to the gym :(


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