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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hello November!

We're into November which, rather terrifyingly, means there's only two months left of 2016! I'm not really sure what happened to the first ten months, they seem to have flown by - so, all the more reason to make the most of these last two, hey!? As always, I'm setting myself a few goals for the next month; here is what I'm hoping to achieve:
Hello November
Apply for clinical training. This was on my list of goals for last month but I didn't get very far with the form... The deadline is the end of this month, though, so I need to pull my finger out and think of answers to the scary questions! I'm sure once I get started it won't be so bad...
Start Christmas shopping. As much as I try to put it off as long as possible, it's probably about time I started thinking about the ol' Christmas shopping thing. I basically have no idea what to get for anyone this year, so that should be fun... Any suggestions welcome!
See friends at least twice. A standard goal for me now! As I say every month, I like to include this as it means I make the effort to see people - whereas otherwise, I tend to have sudden realisations that it's been weeks or months since I've seen a friend or group of friends.
Go to the gym regularly. Having finally got round to re-joining the gym at the end of October, I'm planning to go as often as I can now! My membership includes swim, gym and classes, so I want to try a few of the classes and see what I enjoy, as well as getting back into swimming and weights. I've been a couple of times so far and am loving working out again! The new gym is super handy for my office so I'm hoping to be able to go either before or after work, most days.
Autumn Leaves
I've not got a huge amount planned for this month, so far - it was my Mum's birthday yesterday and my brother got her tickets to see Russell Kane tonight, so we're going out for that and a meal this evening. I'm hoping to find a Bonfire Night event to go to with t'boyfriend on Saturday night (I love fireworks!) and that's about as far as I've got for now!
What have you got planned for November? Is there anything you're hoping to achieve?



  1. I can't believe how quick this year has gone! I am usually good with Christmas shopping and quite organised but I haven't even started yet! I am going to New York next week so I will do some then.

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  2. We love to go out for bonfire night. The fireworks can be so fun to watch. I hope you find a lovely place to go.

  3. Sounds like plenty to keep you going. My goals are just to keep on top of my workload/ blog, maintain seeing friends at least twice a week (outside of gig situations) and to not put on too weight with naughty eating out x

  4. Yep, it's a struggle to see friends and that sounds awful but unless everyone is free and not tired at 9pm it can be difficult.

  5. Yes looking forward to seeing some fireworks too, and all the Christmas lights being switched on. Enjoy Russell Kane!

  6. I am still confused as to how we are in November already, it is like a blinking and we have gone from June to the end of the year x

  7. This Month for me is all about my daughters Birthday. Its her 2nd and im making a big deal out of it with a big party. So i really need to be organised.
    I also cant believe the year is nearly over again

  8. It's so unbelievably close to Christmas, can not believe how fast the year has gone! Better hurry and get everything finished for the big day eek!

  9. This year really has flown by. I am dreading the end of the year as it means we are closer to my daughters first piano exam, scary!!!!


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