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Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Benefits of Dermarollers*

How we take care of our skin matters. Decades ago, it meant applying moisturisers, and maybe even plastic surgery if we wanted to look younger. That is no longer the case, with a multitude of more modern options available to us. However, we don't have to break the bank to afford better skin care treatments - sometimes, the less expensive methods are a great option. Using a Dermaroller is a low-cost method that works well for several skin issues. Let's take a closer look.
The benefits of dermarollers

The Dermaroller Process
In order to understand how the Dermaroller gives you an advantage, you need to first understand what it does. Dermarollers are used in a procedure called microneedling. This is a method of using needles to pierce the skin in multiple areas to create micro channels. These tiny columns are micro injuries, which stimulate the skin to repair itself. The skin produces collagen in reaction to heal the skin, and to replace damaged cells; this can, in turn, cause the skin to tighten and rejuvenate.
Skin Conditions Treated by Dermarollers
There are several different issues that use the micro-needling process to treat them. Some should be managed by trained technicians in clinics while others can be done at home:
Mild anti-aging - Many individuals use a personal Dermaroller device to treat the facial area to reduce mild wrinkles and sagging.
Scar reduction - Dermarollers can remove mild scars with a few treatments. Moderate scars will require numerous applications while severe scar may only be reduced in appearance. This treatment really is best when performed at a clinic.
Hair loss reduction - When used with prescription minoxidil, Dermaroller treatments can reduce or stop hair loss, and may even grow new hair. Visit a clinic for treatment to be on the safe side.
Cellulite issues - Many people have issues with cellulite in larger areas of the body like the thighs, buttocks, stomach, and arms. Dermarollers are effective in treating this skin issue. Several treatments will be needed to attain the best results.
Why are Dermarollers Better?
Using a Dermaroller may not immediately provide the desired results that laser treatments, radiotherapy, ultrasound, and other methods can. So why choose this method? For one, the cost is significantly less on Dermaroller treatments. Take a moment to search online for cosmetic lasers for sale. Even the price of a second-hand laser device is a major purchase. Dermaroller devices cost a fraction of the price, meaning clinics are also able to charge far less for these treatments, since the equipment is reasonably priced.
Benefits of Dermarollers
There are several advantages to using Dermarollers where other treatment methods are limited:
Facial areas. The micro-needling process can be used on the facial area and around the eyes, nose, and lips where some other treatments may not be suitable.
Product enhancement. When topical products like collagen serums or vitamin-enhanced lotions are applied to the skin immediately after a microneedling procedure, the skin readily absorbs that product. It enhances the actual procedure, making the treatment far more effective than on its own.
Affordable. The only costs one expected with using Dermarollers are for the actual roller purchase, topical creams used in conjunction with treatment, and sanitising or cleaning.

Have you ever tried a Dermaroller? Would you be tempted to do so?

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  1. I've heard about the dermaroller and even saw a demo of it on the telly - I'm really intrigued with what it can do so thanks for highlighting the benefits :-)

  2. I've never even heard of Dermarollers before. It would be interesting to see if they'd work on pregnancy stretchmarks, it would make wearing a bikini ok again! :)

  3. I have always wanted to try a dermaroller, I have prominent forehead lines and this would really help smooth them out!

  4. I've never tried one and to be honest I'm not sure how I feel about tiny needles prodding me. I think I'd give it a go though and see x

  5. I have never heard of this - I have a needle phobia so I am not sure if I could try it!! Kaz x

  6. I've heard quite a lot about these! My friend used one for a while and it worked to an extent. The idea of rolling needles over my face freaks me out though

  7. I have never heard of this, It does sound really interesting tho!

  8. I've not heard of this beauty treatment before, but it sounds like a great option. I'm definitely not one for surgery

  9. I've only heard about this before and never tried it myself, don't know how I feel about tint needles being jammed in my face haha! Would definitely need some convincing before I try this ;)
    Sandra x

  10. I've never heard of dermorollers before, they do sound interesting. Hope you had a good xmas x


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