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Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello January!

I hope we're all settling into 2017 by now!? It doesn't even sound like a real year, does it? I can't believe it's seventeen years since the millennium, I must be getting old. I shared some of my hopes and goals for 2017 yesterday, so today I'm back to my usual monthly goals - because it's always good to break things down, and have smaller things to aim for!
See friends at least twice. After the festivities (and expense!) of December, it can be all too easy to retreat to hermit-status and just not see anyone; I don't want that to happen, so as usual I'm promising myself I'll see friends at least twice this month. One of my best friends is back from Bali in a couple of days, so I'm looking forward to seeing him - although my other best friend is off to Sri Lanka at the end of the week, so I won't be seeing much of her!
Finish at least one book. I've set myself an achievable target of twelve books in 2017 - one book a month should be doable, right!? I've currently got three on the go, so I need to finish at least one in January.
Run 5km continuously inside 30 minutes. Having basically not run for two months due to shin splints, I'm trying to pick things back up a little now, and am hoping to slowly build my distances back up throughout January. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll be able to run 5km again without having to stop and walk!
Use ten sample sachets. After my poor sample performance in December (zero sachets used. Shameful.) I'm hoping to start 2017 by clearing out all the samples I'm hoarding for no readily apparent reason. I've got everything from eye cream to perfume test strips to cleansing oils to body lotion - time to start seriously working through them!
No unnecessary purchases. After treating myself to an Olympus Pen camera at the end of December, I need to make sure I'm good with money this month - which means no popping to the shop on my lunch break and spending a tenner on miscellaneous bits I don't really need.
Get my diet on track. I guess this is a fairly typical January goal, but after the gluttony that was Christmas, it's time to sort out what I'm eating and start making healthier choices - I'm cutting out chocolate again and I'm going to make more of an effort to take healthier lunches to work (and buy less cake, which fits in with the no unnecessary purchases goal too!) I'm also aiming to cut out fizzy drinks, as I've developed a bad habit of buying myself a bottle of Coke at lunchtime...
As an aside; I went out for a quick New Year's Day walk with my Mum and my new camera yesterday, which is when I took the photos in this post - I'm quite happy with them, and happier that I'm already starting to work towards one of my goals for the year!

Are you setting yourself any goals for January? What's the number one thing you'd like to achieve this month?



  1. I love this idea. I for one am definetely setting monthly goals instead of annual - yours are great. They are all so achievable and I love that!

    Megan xxx


  2. I am looking forward to seeing which sachet sample you use, I have managed to palm off a lot of mine to friends so I can start a fresh x

  3. Great goals! I have some similar goals -- definitely be better with my money! No impulse buying for me this year!

    And good on you for running...I have always hated running, but I know it's good to workout. Oh the struggles!

  4. I need to get back to healthy eating and gym and also I want to read more :) Good luck with all your goals x


  5. It is crazy that it is Jan already, good luck with your goals, I want to start monetizing my social media content as well as my blog!

  6. Your goals are really inspiring, I'm sure you will achieve them. I'm always a bit scared of setting goals because I think I'll fail... I should try it! x

  7. How scary does it sounds to say 2000 was 17 years ago! I remember that night so well and I was only 5! Strange that. Good luck with your goals for 2017! xo

  8. 2000 was 17 years ago?! I know it's kind of given in the name but explaining it sounds weird!!! I think a lot of people are looking to get diets back on track, me included. Christmas is fun but can do some serious damage :(

  9. I'm with you on the book front, I'm going to sign up to the Goodreads challenge again.

  10. Fab set of goals - good luck with them :-) I had shin splints a couple of years ago, so painful!! I'm hoping to start running again later this year, once I've lost a little bit of weight first.

  11. Good luck with all your goals and I hope you have a great 2017!

    Ella xx

  12. Third time lucky! ;) Good luck with all your goals - interested to see what you think of the Olympus Pen as I'm looking for something better than my iPhone but less bulky/heavy than my DSLR. This month I've been mainly working on my blog/Insta, fitness and mediation - it's all happening pretty slowly but surely but I think I'm getting there. :)

  13. I think one book a month is a fab goal to have. Good luck with your goals lovely.


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