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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Review | NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation

My local Boots store has finally caught up with what feels like every other store in the country and got itself a NYX stand! I only had a quick browse as the store was super-busy when I was in town, but I picked up a tube of their Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation to try; my skin is ridiculously oily, so I'm always attracted to anything that offers me a matte base. I'd not heard much about this foundation prior to purchasing it, so let's see how I've been getting on.
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation Review
NYX claim that this foundation is, "Oil Free Water-Based Full Coverage Mineral-Enriched Matte Finish." I picked up shade 04 'Creamy Natural' from the range of eleven shades; there are thirty shades listed on the US site (here) so I'm a little disappointed that the UK only seems to get eleven. There is little to choose from for darker-skinned customers, which is a shame. That said, 'Creamy Natural' is a good match for my skin-tone, so I'm one of the lucky ones I guess!
The foundation is quite thick in texture, which means it takes a fair bit of blending on the skin, made difficult by the fact that it "sets" quite quickly. It's doable with fingers or a brush, but works best with a dampened sponge for the smoothest, most even finish. I've tried it alone and over The Body Shop's Instablur (my favourite!) as a primer, and find it goes on much the same over both. The coverage is medium-full though not very buildable, as it does tend to go cakey quite quickly. I'd say "matte but not flat" is a fair summary of the finish, to begin with - it's not shimmery or glowy, but it's a little bit more "alive" than some matte foundations can be. In terms of lasting power, I've found it does tend to crease a little under my eyes and in my laughter lines, even when set with powder.
NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Swatch
[This is the most accurate photo colour-wise.]
The main reason I picked this up was the name; "Stay Matte" is basically #lifegoals for me, so I was pretty disappointed that, despite the fact that I always set with powder, oil started to come through in 3-4 hours without primer, and around 5 with Instablur under the foundation. Admittedly, it's not terrible, and far better than some - but when your foundation is called "Stay Matte", I expect to, well, stay matte. Too much to ask?
NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat FOTD
[Apologies for the not-great photo - still trying to get the hang of my new camera!]
NYS Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation is priced at £6 for 35ml of product, available in the UK at Boots stores or online here. It's not not a terrible foundation, offering decent coverage and a reasonably nice finish - but it's one I'll repurchase, as the creasing and oiliness mean it just doesn't last as well as I'd hoped. If your skin is more normal-combination than straight-up oily like mine, then it may be worth a try! Have you tried any NYX foundations? What's your favourite NYX product?



  1. I haven't tried this foundation but your skin sounds very similar to mine. The coverage looks good, I like the fact that is gives a little glow, I may have to buy this one!

  2. My skin is straight up oily as well so it might not be good for me :/ my Boots just got a NYX stand as well!

  3. I love NYX. I practically live at the one in Boots. I've never tried their foundation, but love a lot of their products. This sounds really good x

  4. Sounds an interesting foundation, I haven't try of this but this is so interesting for me. I will check this out

  5. I have oily skin too, so not for me, although the price is good.

  6. This is an excellent review of the product. It sounds like a great product.

  7. Everybody loves a good Nyx product, I might have to give this one a go myself as I have mainly dry skin but suffer with shine a lot too! xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty

  8. I haven't tried this range - I used to use matt foundations, but the older I get the more I look for a foundation that actually adds dewiness. Trying to desperately roll back the years! ;) x

  9. Great review, I've never heard of this brand before, I'll have to see if my local Boots has a NYX section to check out their products. I always struggle to find a foundation which blends well and doesn't irritate my eyes - maybe I'll find a good one in this range. :)

  10. I've heard loads of people raving about how good Nyx is supposed to be (for the money) so interesting to see it didn't quite live up to expectations. I have the opposite problem to you - my skin is super dry, so foundation always looks rubbish anyway. At least the price makes it worth a try!!

  11. So weird that it's supposed to be a matte foundation and doesn't stay matte.. really annoys me when products don't do things it claims it will do



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