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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Primark PS Pro Oval Brushes

I reviewed an oval make-up brush from Born Pretty a few months ago and wasn't altogether impressed with it (in fact, it's since gone in the bin because I just couldn't find a way to make it work for me!), but I wasn't dissuaded from having another go with another budget-friendly range of oval brushes. Primark's PS Pro brushes are purse friendly, and my local store had them in three sizes - so obviously I picked up one of each!
Primark PS Pro Oval Makeup Brushes
These brushes are so soft, with the heads of all three feeling like velvet on the skin - they're really lovely! The fibres are densely packed meaning they're quite firm, but not so much so that they're useless (like the Born Pretty one) - I've used these for both liquid and powder products, with pretty good results. The small and medium brushes are perfect for blending in liquid foundation, concealer and highlight, with the smaller one being able to get into the tight spaces around the eyes and nose where the medium one struggles. I've also used these for powder products such as blusher and highlighter, although even the smallest brush is too big to be used on the eyes. The larger brush is perfect for blusher or for setting powder, applying an even layer without it going cakey or looking chalky; it buffs the product into the skin really nicely, without moving around the product you've already applied.
I've found these wash really nicely, although I do have to be careful as the handles are quite flexible and I'm a bit concerned about snapping them if I press too hard whilst scrubbing! They take a while to dry, but that's par for the course with brushes this dense really. I've not had any problems with them shedding fibres after washing or anything like that - the only (very minor!) problem is that the branding has worn off the handle of one of the brushes, and is starting to go on the other two...
Primark Budget Oval Brushes
I think the smallest brush was £2.50, the medium £3 and the larger one £3.50, but I could be 50p out one way or the other, somewhere there... Either way, they're really affordable brushes and I think they're great, especially considering what I paid for them. They're by no means a must-have, but I've been getting a lot of use out of them; if you're curious about the oval make-up brush trend, or have been looking for some half-decent ones without spending a fortune, these might just be the ticket! Have you tried any oval make-up brushes?



  1. I did not realise primark did these! I've been wanting to try these brushes for ages so I might check these out to see if they work for me, thank you!


  2. I've only ever tried the sponges - which do you think is better?

  3. the brushes look lovely and soft. I've love to try these out and need to visit primark! Sounds like good value.

  4. I've not heard of these brushes and I would never have thought to even try Primark make up brushes to be honest but I guess at those rock bottom prices it wouldn't hurt to try them.

  5. Primark are really stepping up. I've not been in there for a minute but there's a few things I need to pick up and these may be some x

  6. Primark's beauty range is honestly great. I haven't yet tried the oval brushes and this seems to be the best price I've seen for them. I must pick a few up & try them out.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    Charlene McElhinney

  7. I've seen these around and wondered what they were like. Fab review - I'll grab some next time!


  8. These sound like a great budget brush set. I've never thought about using oval ones but will keep an eye out in future!

  9. Primark's range is not too bad I have to say and like you said the brushes are super soft as well xx

  10. I've never heard of these oval brushes, but Primarks is doing pretty well with it's beauty range at the moment!

  11. I didn't know primark sold these - that's awesome! I think their beauty range is getting better and better!


  12. I have heard a lot about these brushes. I need to try them

  13. I want to get these from Primark so bad! I always see them but never pick them up. I will one day though haha! xx


  14. I love oval brushes but they are so expensive. I wanted to get more and I think you have just solved my problem! x

    Mapped Out | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  15. I never used a novel brush before. I must pop in to Primark and try it.


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