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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hello March!

Without thinking too much about the fact that it's March already, how exciting is it that Spring is on its way!? It's been so cold the last few days here in Cumbria but we've had some gorgeous sunshine (and this beautiful sunrise yesterday morning!) which almost makes up for it, and I'm hopeful that things will start to warm up soon! As always, I'm setting myself a few goals for the month...
Hello March
See friends at least twice. Standard monthly goal for me! I don't think I'm a naturally sociable person (I like my bed and my own company too much for that!) but I still think it's important to make the effort to see the people who matter to me.
No chocolate. I gave up chocolate for Lent last year so I know I can do it, but I'm making it harder for myself this year by also cutting back on refined sugar as much as I can - so where last year I replaced chocolate with jelly babies, this year I won't be giving myself that option! I'm expecting to be very grumpy for a couple of weeks whilst I get used to it... But I'm hoping I'll see some benefits in terms of my energy levels, the state of my skin, and maybe even my jiggly belly! My friend is doing it with me (so he says...) so at least I'll have company in my misery.
Read at least one book. I got myself back on track in February for my target of twelve books this year, so I want to keep up the good work in March and add at least another book to my 'Read' list for the year. I'm actually working my way through The Outrun by Amy Liptrot, which I'm really enjoying so far, so fingers crossed I make the time to finish it.
Try going to the gym twice a day. I won't be doing this everyday (I'm not that mad... Yet!) but I've basically reached the conclusion that the only way I can fit in all the workouts I want to, is to exercise twice some days. I'm hoping to be able to fit in two runs, two swims and four gym sessions each week (as well as a rest day!), so two double-workout-days per week should cover it. I'm giving myself this week to recover from the horrible cold I had last week and build back up a bit, but then I'm hoping to start seriously working at this. Ideally I'd like to fit in a bike ride as well but that probably won't be every week...
Interviews! Less of a goal (because I can't do anything about it now!) and more of a hope - I'll find out the middle of this month whether I've got any interviews for the doctorate programs I applied for, so I'm crossing everything that I'll be offered at least one interview!

I've got a week off in the middle of the month with nothing really planned yet, so I'm hoping to fit something fun in there... Any suggestions!? Do you have anything nice planned for March? What are you hoping to achieve this month?



  1. Good luck with the interviews I hope you get somewhere with them! My goals for March are mainly round giving birth to my first child! So it's all prep and getting ready for our little arrival! x

  2. Sounds like some fab goals - hope you get the interviews you're hoping for!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  3. Great goals for the month ahead. Really like the idea you have set yourself a challenge with Lent. Good luck for your interviews x

  4. Great list! Love the book one! The exercise one is bonkers - but in a good way!!

  5. Hello March it is! Well, I guess what I need is the going to the gym thing! I need to improve that this month.

  6. great goals! I wish you all the best with the interviews, I'm sure you'll do it great x

  7. Happy March! Best of luck with the interviews, these goals are great, too :)

  8. How is it March already? This year is going too quick. Great goals - I need to see friends more and go the gym more too.

  9. I need to read more books, I started off well and then for the last few weeks have been awful x


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