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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New From Essence Cosmetics | My Must-Haves

I popped into town at the weekend for a few bits and pieces, and whilst I was there I thought I'd just have a quick look at the Essence stand in Wilko's. It's not a huge store and the stand hadn't been updated with new products for ages so I wasn't too hopeful, but as it turned out I was glad I looked, as they've finally refreshed it and added some new lines! I was intrigued by the 'My Must Haves' range, which allows you to build your own eyeshadow palette from a selection of shades. I'm not sure when these launched, but I've not seen or heard anything about them so I'm guessing they're fairly new?!
Essence My Must-Haves Custom Palette
The palettes are available in four- and eight-space variants; I went for a quad as I was trying to be restrained! Looking online, it seems that there are lip, blusher, bronzer and powder pans available as well, but the stand in my local store only had the eyeshadows, so I chose four shades from the range. I tried to pick shades which would be cohesive and work well together, and that I would get plenty of wear from; my first choice was 'Chilli Vanilli', a matte cream shade which looked perfect for all over the lid and highlighting the browbone. Next I picked out 'Brownie'Licious', another matte shade but this time a cool-toned brown which I thought may work for filling in my brows, as well as on the lids. My third choice was 'All I Need' which is a pretty, shimmery gold/taupe - the perfect everyday shade. Finally I went for something a little bit more out-there, 'Raspberry Frosting' which is a bright, sparkly Barbie pink.
Essence My Must-Haves
Each shade came with its own little plastic pop-off lid, so if you didn't want to assemble these into a palette you could easily keep them as individual pans. They're super easy to fit into the palette, though - they literally just click in, and click back out again should you wish to change or rearrange them.
Essence My Must Haves - Chilli Vanilli, Brownie'Licious, All I Need, Raspberry Frosting
I've found that all four shades have a lovely soft formula, picking up pigment easily with a brush and translating well onto the eyelids. As I hoped, 'Chilli Vanilli' works really well as a browbone highlight, whilst 'Brownie'Licious' is pretty much perfect for filling in my brows, and also works well as a transition shade blended into the crease. Neither of the matte shades are chalky or powdery, as can often be an issue for mattes from budget lines. 'All I Need' isn't massively pigmented without a base, just adding a hint of shimmer, but with a primer under it it's really lovely. Similarly, 'Raspberry Frosting' needs a base for it to really shine, and I've not had chance to wear it properly yet as it's not the most work-appropriate of shades! I would point out, though, that it's not nearly as frosty in finish as it appeared; as soon as you've removed the overspray it's actually quite a wearable finish.
Essence My Must-Haves Swatches
The swatches above are all two swipes with no base - as you can see, they all give a lovely smooth colour, with the mattes being impressively pigmented, and the shimmers being pretty decent too. Even without a base, I've not had any problems with the shadows creasing - they've easily lasted ten hours on my oily lids, which I'm more than happy with.
Essence My Must-Haves Quad
All in all, I've been pretty impressed with Essence's My Must-Haves line; they're super-affordable and there's a decent range of shades to choose from, although I'm disappointed that my local Wilko's only has the eyeshadows and not any of the other products available. I was happy to discover how easy the pans are to pop in and out of the empty palette, and the shadows themselves have performed reasonably well. I have a feeling I'll be picking up a few more shades before too much longer! Have you tried anything from the My Must-Haves range? Do you like the idea of building your own palette?



  1. I have not tried much from this brand but I really like that you can pick your own shades for the palette xx

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. They don't sound too bad at all considering the price!xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

  3. I've never noticed this brand our wilko store is pretty small though. Love the look of the custom pallet

  4. Did even know Wilko did beauty products, it just shows how long I have been absent from the shop. I am going to look for this my must have range in my local as I am loving your shades

  5. I didn't know you could buy make-up in Wilko's - will have to take a look!

  6. What a beautiful pallet .. the colors are so pretty for spring. I especially love that each has its own pop-off lid .. what a great idea!

  7. lovely colour pallete - I've not heard of them before but they look good x

  8. Love the colours the raspberry frosting one is really pretty. I've not heard of this brand so I might take a closer look!

  9. What a fantastic idea! I love the colours you've chosen, especially the shimmery golden shade xx

  10. I love these shades and they sound pretty good for the price and overall a great buy! Hopefully your local Wilko will stock more of their products soon

    Laura x

  11. It's a really good idea to be able to make your own palette of shades you need the most.


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