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Friday, 16 June 2017

Blemish-Busters You Need To Try!

I've always suffered from blemish-prone skin, right from way back when I first started puberty aged ten. I've tried all sorts over the years to keep those pesky spots and blackheads under control, from those that don't really do much, to the downright ill-advised. I've also amassed a bit of a go-to arsenal which helps me keep my skin looking (mostly) clear and even - though nothing is failsafe and I will probably always get a few spots in the week before my period *sigh*
Five Products for Blemish-Prone Skins
Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Purifying Cleansing Wash | I can't sing its praises enough, I absolutely love this face wash - my skin always looks clearer when I use it consistently (every morning). It smells gorgeous, isn't at all drying on the skin, and works really well to prevent spots and blemishes forming for the most part - Salicylic Acid is great for blemish-prone skins as it exfoliates gently to remove build-up of oils and dead skin cells. | £7.99/150ml here (currently on offer at just £5.33!)
Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment | This is the old-style packaging (it now comes in a swish-looking pump-action bottle!) but I don't think the formula has changed - this is the most effective product I've used in terms of helping spots to heal more quickly, without leaving horrible patches of dry skin. | £14.50/10ml here.
Tea Tree Oil | I don't have a specific brand that I go for, I just ordered this little bottle off Amazon... I like to mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil into my moisturiser at bedtime, a couple of times a week, to fight off blemishes - tea tree has antibacterial properties that help prevent spots. I have also been known to dab a little onto active spots to help reduce inflammation and reduce healing times. | £2.18/10ml here.
T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel* | I actually didn't find this hugely effective on my skin, but I know people who swear by it, so I'm including it as a super-budget-friendly alternative to the Merumaya version. Again, this is just one to dab onto active spots which should reduce inflammation and help them to heal more quickly.| £1.99/8ml here.
Origins Out of Trouble 10-Minute Mask | This is one of my all-time favourite masks; it's a bit strong-smelling but it's more than worth it for me - I love this to really calm down any breakouts, reducing redness and helping blemishes to fade more quickly. I try to use this a couple of times per week to keep my skin looking clear. I've recently repurchased this after a few months without it, and I'm so happy to have it back in my routine!! | £25/100ml here.
Products for Blemish-Prone Skin
Have you tried any of these products? What are your go-tos for managing blemish-prone skin?
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[*Product provided for consideration. Post contains affiliate links.]

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