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Friday, 30 June 2017

In Retrospect | June 2017

So my blog has pretty much died a death in June - whoops! I've been struggling to manage one post a week, which is pretty shocking, and it's ended up being my quietest month in years, with only five posts (including this one!) published. I just seem to have been totally lacking in motivation and inspiration, so rather than pushing myself to write when I don't feel like it, I've been giving myself some time off. Hopefully my motivation will return soon but if not, that's okay too!
Anyway, time for a little look back over June...
Grasmere June 2017
June Empties.
Will Repurchase: The Body Shop Passionfruit Body Butter | These body butters are my absolute favourite! I'm currently working my way through a stockpile of body moisturisers but I'll definitely be buying more body butters in the near future. // Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Wipes | I'm not a cleansing wipes person (I don't feel clean without a full double-cleanse in the evening!) but these are super handy to have in my bag for the gym, and they are easily the best cleansing wipes I've used.
Might Repurchase: Kind Natured Argan & Kukui Oil Conditioner | I love Kind Natured's bodycare but I'm not sold on their haircare - this didn't feel hydrating enough for my hair. // Yes To Grapefruit Rejuvenating Body Wash | This didn't smell quite as zingy as I'd hoped but it's still a perfectly nice bodywash and it's SLS-free which is always a bonus for me! // L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder | Setting my make-up with powder is a must for me and I quite liked this for a bit of additional coverage, but it wasn't brilliant at keeping me matte. // Green People Scent-Free Hand & Body Lotion | This was lovely as a gentle, non-irritating body moisturiser but I felt it was quite expensive for how long it lasted, and there are more affordable options available that don't irritate my skin.
Won't Repurchase: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel | I bought this without realising it contained SLS, which is a real no-no for me, and I found it really stung my eyes if I got it anywhere near them. Not for me!
June Empties
June Samples.
Erm... I've not used any sample sachets in June. My bad. Hopefully I can fire through a few in July!?

June Goals.
Finish at least one book. I finished 'Always With Love' by Giovanna Fletcher about five days into June and haven't read anything else since - whoops! Still, goal complete and ticked off, and I'm on track with my reading goal for the year so that's a good thing.
See friends at least twice. As well as dinner at my best mate's house with a few friends way back at the start of the month, I've had a couple of evening walks with my other best mate, Matt, as well as the reunion with my Total Warrior friends in Leeds last weekend which was amazing!!
Have a barbecue. Sadly this one didn't happen - boo! In my defence the weather has been a bit pants for the second half of the month, but I should really have cracked on and done this in the first couple of weeks of June when we had that gorgeous sunshine...
See the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. Yes! I loved it. I don't have much more than that to say - maybe not as good as the first couple of films but I still really enjoyed it.
Cut back on sweet treats. I think what this goal has shown me is that I can't do "cutting back" on sweet treats - I have to cut them out. I can't do moderation. If I know I can't have chocolate or biscuits then I manage pretty well - it's when I think, "I'll just have one" that things go wrong and I end up finishing the packet. I'm marking this as achieved because for the second half of the month I've been pretty good... Hoping to carry this on in July, for the same reason as the 30 day challenge below.
Complete the Blogilates 30 Day Abs Challenge. This has been a real struggle at times - mostly when I've forgotten about it and had to drag myself out of bed at 11.30pm to do it - but I've done it! I'm actually really proud of myself for this, it was harder than I expected but I've really noticed an improvement in my core strength. I'm thinking of doing another similar challenge in July as I'd like to tone my waist up a little bit more before I go on holiday in August!!
Grasmere June 2017 2
A gorgeous day at Grasmere.
June Loves.
How gorgeous do Antonia's BBQ Chicken Skewers look?! They are certainly not helping with my regret at not getting round to barbecuing in June... Dorota's post about Facial SPF Mists was a really interesting read for me - I'm hopeless at remembering to apply SPF before my make-up, so it's nice that there are now options for afterwards! And Karen has been making me lust after this stunning Morphe palette - how beautiful are her photos!? I don't feel like I've posted anything particularly exciting here on The Indigo Hours this month (sorry!) but if you fancy checking out my Blemish Busting Must-Haves or the three primers I've been trying, go ahead!

June In Summary.
All in all June has been quite a busy month; I've had a lot of bits and pieces to sort out for starting back at Uni in September - hooray for paperwork! Work has been really busy with several big projects seeming to come at once (as is usually the way) and I've had quite a bit going on outside of work too, which is probably why the blog has taken such a backseat... I'm hoping July is going to be a bit more chilled, although I finish at work at the end of the month so potentially there's going to be quite a lot to get done leading up to that as well...
How was your June? Have you been up to anything exciting?

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