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Friday, 23 June 2017

Three Primers On Trial

You know it's summer when your make-up has melted off your face by dinnertime, right!? The office I work in has huge windows on two sides and no air-conditioning, so by about 11am it's a bit like working in a sauna... If there's one thing my make-up needs in weather like this, it's a decent primer! I've got three new priming products in my stash and the past couple of weeks have been the perfect time to give them a thorough testing. My skin is incredible oily and I have quite a few enlarged pores on my cheeks, so for me the perfect primer would be mattifying and blur those pores, as well as keeping my make-up in place all day.
Three Primers On Trial - The Hero Project, Soap & Glory and Collection
The Hero Project Double Blur® HD Ready Skin Perfector | £24/30ml here | I got this 10ml travel-size in my Build Your Own Gift Set from The Hero Project (post here) - the full-sized product comes with an airless pump for easy dispensing. I really love the blurred, airbrushed and mattified look this gives to my skin - it works so well to hide pores and fine lines, and leaves my skin feeling super-soft and velvety smooth. It also contains Glycerin which is fab for hydration - perfect for those warm days that can suck all the moisture from your skin! My foundation goes on beautifully over Double Blur and it does help to hold it in place, keeping me matte maybe a little longer than I'd manage without primer.
Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer | £10/30ml here | I tried the One Heck of A Blot powder and was quite disappointed, but had heard that the primer worked better. It's easy to apply and sinks into the skin quickly, but I've found that my foundation is a little bit harder to blend in over this primer. I don't mind this too much and I'd deal with it if the foundation would stay put once it was on... But honestly, I feel like this makes my base get oily more quickly and my foundation seems to break up around my nose and forehead, the oiliest areas of my face, within a couple of hours. I'm really not impressed with this one I'm afraid!
Collection Powered by Witch Primed & Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser | £4.99/25ml here | This is a super-budget-friendly buy with a very silicone-y texture, which also contains Witch Hazel to (theoretically!) treat blemishes whilst you're wearing it - a great claim although I can't say I've noticed much difference in my skin since using it. It smooths out pores and fine lines really well and gives a good base for my make-up, and I feel like it lasts well without slipping, but unfortunately it doesn't keep me matte for very long and I find myself having to blot and re-powder within 2-3 hours.
Three Primers On Trial
So unfortunately, none of the primers I've been trying have turned out to be The One for me - the Collection/Witch one is nice but doesn't do much to keep me matte, and Double Blur is lovely but again not as mattifying as I'd ideally like - whilst the Soap & Glory one was just a massive let-down! Do you have any go-to priming products for summer? How do you keep your make-up looking fresh in the heat and humidity of Britain in June?

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