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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Natural World Hair Masks*

I was recently contacted by Natural World, who make haircare products with 95% naturally-derived ingredients, free from parabens, pthalates, phosphates, dyes and gluten. Unfortunately their shampoos contain SLS which means I can't use them, but they very kindly offered to send me a couple of their hair masks to try out. I received their Argan Oil of Morocco Moisture Rich Hair Mask*, and their Charcoal & Mint Rebalancing Hair Mask*.
Natural World Hair Masks Argan Oil & Charcoal and Mint
Natural World Argan Oil of Morocco Moisture Rich Hair Mask | £4/200ml | "Infused with certified organic Argan Oil to moisturise, nourish and help restore shine and softness. For all hair types."
This smells lovely and sweet, and smooths through the lengths and ends of my hair quite easily after shampooing. I tend to use a mask once or twice a week (bearing in mind that I wash my hair most days), leaving it on for around five minutes to soak in and work its magic. I've found the Argan Oil mask is easy to rinse out of my hair and leaves it feeling soft and silky, without being weighed down or left sticky or greasy. It also leaves its gorgeous scent lingering in my hair, which makes it a winner for me!

Natural World Charcoal & Mint Rebalancing Hair Mask | £4/200ml here | "Infused with Activated Charcoal to help keep the scalp clean and healthy looking. Soothing hydration for all hair types."
The scent of this one is quite strong and minty, which I personally love - I find it really refreshing and invigorating, though sadly it doesn't last in my hair once washed out. The colour surprised me at first - it's a kind of dark grey - but I guess if I'd thought about it, I should have expected it, what with the charcoal and everything..! Again, this is easy to smooth through the lengths of my hair, and washes out well after five minutes or so. I find that this one also leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, without any unpleasant residue or heaviness. I'm not sure how much rebalancing the charcoal can offer, as it doesn't go anywhere near my scalp, but nonetheless it's a nice mask and I'm enjoying using it.
Natural World Hair Masks
I've found Natural World's hair masks to be really effective for the price, and with decent-quality ingredients - none of the nasty parabens you can often find lurking in budget-friendly haircare products! Both of these work well to hydrate my hair, leaving it soft and silky but not heavy or greasy.
You can find the full Natural World Haircare range available to purchase in larger Tesco stores or online here; I love that you could just pick these up with your weekly shop! Have you tried any Natural World hair products? What are your favourite hair masks?

[*Product provided for consideration.]

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