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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

NEW! | Garnier SkinActive Face Mask Sachets

A few weeks back now, I noticed a selection of Garnier SkinActive Face Mask sachets on one of those displays that Primark put in their queues, presumably to draw you in when you've already spent too much money and are waiting for an indeterminate but lengthy period to pay and leave... Obviously, me being me, I picked up one of each mask on offer and into my basket they went! There were three varieties available in my local Primark, but I believe there are a couple more out there which I've yet to track down...
Garnier SkinActive Mask Sachets
Garnier SkinActive Matcha + Kaolin Mask (£1.50/8ml) | "A new generation of face mask combining Matcha Tea and Kaolin Clay in a creamy-clay texture that purifies for refreshed, mattified and cleaned skin. Immediately: Impurities are removed, skin appears mattified. Long-lasting effectiveness: Skin appears purified as if rebalanced." Now I've only used this once so can't really comment on the long-term effects, but I'd agree that this mask mattified my skin and it did seem to draw out impurities. The creamy texture felt pleasant on my skin and I didn't find it drying, as clay masks can sometimes be.
Garnier SkinActive Juicy Mask (£1.50/8ml) | "A new generation of face mask combining Lemon Extract and smoothing Glycolic Acid in a jelly texture that illuminates for smooth, radiant skin with a healthy glow. Immediately: skin looks more refined, luminous, with a healthy glow. Long-lasting effectiveness: Skin tone appears more radiant, smoother and softer." I found that the one sachet was actually enough for two applications with this mask, but unfortunately I didn't really notice any of the benefits it offered; my skin just didn't really seem any different, either time.
Garnier SkinActive Aqua Mask (£1.50/8ml) | "A new generation of face mask combining Pomegranate and Glycerin in a fresh jelly texture. It hydrates to quench skin's thirst and it rehydrates skin in just 10 minutes, leaving it re-plumped and silky-smooth. Immediately: Skin looks bouncy, fresher. Long-lasting effectiveness: Skin feels hydrated, suppler and soft." This mask was probably my favourite of the three - it worked exactly as it claimed, leaving my skin looking and feeling super-well hydrated and really plumped and soft. The effects maybe only lasted a day or so, but I'd be interested to see if they last any longer with regular use.

Overall, for me, there are definitely some hits (the Aqua Mask) and some misses (the Juicy Mask) in this range, as well as some I'm just not bothered about (the Matcha + Kaolin Mask), but I'm still keen to try the other variants in the SkinActive range. I do think that single-use sachets like this are a fab way of trying something new without the commitment of a full tube of product, and they're perfect for travelling - though it would be nice, I think, to have the option of buying a tube if you like one - the masks are a little cheaper at Primark (£1 when I bought mine about six weeks ago) but still expensive for how much product you get.

Have you tried any of the SkinActive masks? Which is your favourite?

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