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Thursday, 31 August 2017

In Retrospect | August 2017

Another month over and we are now officially two-thirds of the way through 2017 - eek! August has been a busy month for me (hence being a little bit quiet here on The Indigo Hours) but it has felt like quite a long month - probably because I've packed so much into it!!
August In Retrospect
August Empties.
August Empties
Will Repurchase: OGX Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo | This is SLS-free, smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling nice. I'm already on a new bottle! // Kind Natured Coconut & Passionflower Body Wash | Again, SLS-free, smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. This is also an absolute bargain and often on special offers in Boots. // Kind Natured Coconut & Monoi Foaming Sugar Scrub | I love this stuff, it smells incredible and works really well to exfoliate my body. // T-Zone Charcoal Nose Pore Strips | These are some of the most effective pore strips I've used, they're so satisfying in terms of pulling a load of gunk from your pores!
Might Repurchase: Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Pads | I really liked using these of an evening, but I've just bought the Nip + Fab Extreme version to try, so I'll have to see which I like best... // Friction Free Shaving Shave Cream | I did quite like this but thought it was expensive for how much you get/how long it lasts, and was disappointed that it isn't available to buy on its own - you have to order blades as well, and I didn't like the FFS blades! If they start selling it on its own, I might buy it again though. // Unani Illuminating Cleansing Milk | I actually have another bottle of this since Glossybox sent me a duplicate, but I'm not sure I'd buy it again for myself - it was nice, but not my favourite cleanser by a long shot.
Won't Repurchase: Givenchy Live Irr├ęsistible Eau de Parfum | This was nice to wear for a few days whilst I was on holiday, but there are definitely other scents which I prefer, so I wouldn't buy the full-sized bottle. // Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator | I really liked the scent of this and it did exfoliate nicely, but again there are other products which I prefer.
Vienna Aug 2017
August Goals.
• See friends at least twice. One cake gathering for friends' birthdays (they're twins!), one night at the pub with a bunch of friends (followed by a sleepover with my best friend because she wasn't fit to drive...), and one visit with my other best mate for him to see my new flat. I also met up with a few people who are going to be on my course at university, so I'll know some faces on my first day (tomorrow! Eek!) - I feel I've been quite sociable this month!
• Read at least one book. I finished reading The Warning Bell by Tom Macaulay, which took me a while to get into but I ended up really enjoying it, and I certainly didn't see the ending coming! I'm now partway through My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier, which again has been a bit of a slow starter but I'm getting into it now. I really want to see the film of this, but I need to finish the book first (I'm one of those people...)
• Get everything moved into my new flat and unpacked. I'm well on the way with this - mostly everything is out of boxes and put away, there are just a few bits and pieces still lingering, awaiting homes. I've got a coffee table which I've stripped down but still need to paint, as well as a dining table and some chairs which need some attention - but they're still at my parents' house, so at least they're not making the place look untidy for the time being!
Have a good clear-out. I've taken one bag of clothes to the charity shop, and I have a little heap of books waiting to be taken, along with a few bags and shoes - I've got more to do, but I've made a start! I've also had a bit of a clear-out of paper, throwing away things like credit card bills from 2010 (why am I keeping those!?) and career-planning hand-outs from my undergraduate degree. I need to keep on top of my hoarding tendencies!
Get my sweet tooth in check. I don't think I've been 100% successful with this (a week in Vienna certainly didn't help...) but I think I've been doing better than I was, so I'm taking the credit here.
Get a haircut! I did this before I went on holiday! I was very brave and actually ended up having about eight inches taken off - it's now in a kind of long bob/shoulder-length style, which I'm still undecided on. It's too short to put in a ponytail or a bun or even a French plait... but it is looking much healthier for having all the ratty ends taken off. I think if I grow it out a couple more inches, I'll love it!
So five-and-a-half out of six isn't too bad, is it!? I'd been hoping for quite a relaxing August but it's ended up being pretty busy...
Vienna August 2017
August Loves.
I've not read a huge number of blogs this month, due to being a way for a week, and only getting the internet connected in my new flat towards the end of the month - but nonetheless, there have been a few posts that I've loved! Laura Louise posted about GOSH's new A/W2017 Collection, Nordic Magic - I'm so tempted to add the eyeshadow palette to my collection. Laura's post about Skincare Steps That Make A Difference got me thinking - apparently, light from our phones and other screens can damage our skin in the same way as UV?! Scary, huh. Siham's tips on mastering the flat lay make an interesting read, there are definitely some suggestions I'll be taking on board - her photos are always gorgeous!! Charlotte posted about why she doesn't love the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, and made me feel a whole lot better about the fact that I don't really get the hype, either... I also really enjoyed Gwennan's post about Instagram editing and whether we're going too far - then again, I pretty much love everything Gwennan writes, so there's that... #MajorGirlCrush
Vienna Rathaus
August In Summary.
August has been a generally lovely month - I had a gorgeous week in Vienna with my boyfriend, which I'll hopefully have a proper post up about soon, but first I need to sift through the 600+ photos I took... The weather was beautiful, the food was amazing, and we fitted in pretty much everything we'd hoped to see and do with our time there.
I'm close to being all settled into my flat after an Ikea trip with my Mum, a weekend spent building flatpack furniture with my boyfriend (who still loved me at the end of it, which is remarkable!) and approximately 491 trips between the flat and my parents' house with various boxes of stuff. There are still a few bits and pieces I need to get (another trip to Ikea! Yay!) and some sorting-out to do, but I'm almost there...
All in all, it's been a lovely month, and I certainly feel like I've made the most of my last month of freedom before starting my doctorate tomorrow! What have you been up to in August? Did you achieve your goals for the month?

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