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Monday, 19 March 2018

What Has Happened To The Indigo Hours?!

Hello! Gosh, it's been almost a full six months since I've posted on this little corner of the world wide web. I am not going to be making any "normal service resuming now" promises as I've realised that that's just not realistic - I simply don't have the spare time on my hands anymore to post regularly. I've missed blogging and I don't want to give this little space up, but I just don't have the time to commit to it at the moment. However, I'll be aiming to drop in when I can - hopefully more than every six months! If you'd like to keep up with me marginally more frequently than that, your best bet is probably to give me a quick follow on Instagram - @TheIndigoHours.
Line of Fire from Edinburgh Castle
In The Line of Fire from Edinburgh Castle
So where have I been since my last post, way back in September last year!? Well, I started a Clinical Psychology doctorate in September, which is pretty much where all my time has gone since then - I've been on placement three days a week (a full 9-5 working day with an hour's commute each way), in teaching on the fourth day and the fifth day is my study day. Sadly, one day per week just doesn't cover the amount of work we have to keep up with, so I have found myself working when I get home in the evenings, and occasionally at weekends as well.
Loch Morlich
A Frozen Loch Morlich, near Aviemore
Add in normal life tasks like food shopping, cleaning, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life - not to mention sleep! - and you run out of time pretty quickly. And when I have had a spare minute, I've rarely been inclined to spend it in front of my laptop - I do enough of that for work - so I've been choosing to read, exercise, or get out and about instead. When it comes down to it, I'd rather spend time with my boyfriend or friends, than sat in front of my laptop. And I think that's okay!
Red Squirrel RZSS Highland Wildlife Park
Red Squirrel at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park
So what have I been up to since September (aside from a lot of work)?
• I've started rock climbing again - I used to love climbing when I was younger, and my Uni gym has a climbing wall, so myself and a few people from my course have started going climbing together after teaching. It's been so much fun getting back into it, and I'd forgotten how good a workout it is!
• My boyfriend and I had a long weekend away in the Highlands in January - we stayed in a gorgeous holiday cabin in a peaceful little village, and it was beautiful. There was a huge bath in the bedroom, a wood-burning stove, and plenty of snow. We had a trip to the Highland Wildlife Park, a wander up Cairngorm, and came home via a day out in Edinburgh.
• We also had a weekend in Glasgow - my brother was supposed to be racing but ended up pulling out because he wasn't well, but we'd already booked an Airbnb so decided we'd go anyway! We did a comedy pub crawl as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival, which was fab, and then drove home via the Ayrshire coast, which was just beautiful.
• I'm in the process of buying a house - which is a very long process, it turns out. There are a lot of people involved - mortgage advisers, mortgage lenders, my solicitors, estate agents, vendors, vendors' solicitors, surveyors, contractors... - and it's all very confusing, but I think (hope?) I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll be packing up to move soon, for the last time for the foreseeable future - which I'm happy about as I hate moving house. It's exciting and terrifying in equal measure, being a homeowner; it feels frighteningly grown-up and I'm not sure I'm ready for it - but at the same time, I'm fortunate that my Gran left a bit of money when she passed away 18 months ago, and it doesn't make sense to carry on renting when I can use that as a deposit on a place of my own.
Ponies on the beach at Ayr
Ponies on the beach at Ayr
So I've had plenty to keep me busy! I'm on annual leave this week - I've just finished my first placement and have a couple of weeks until I start my second one, so I'll mostly be doing boring adult things like taking my car for a service and trying to catch up on coursework... But I thought I'd pop on here and post a little update, too! What's the most exciting thing you've done in the last six months? I'd love to hear any news you have!

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