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About Me

I'm Jess! Welcome to The Indigo Hours - beauty and lifestyle on a budget from a twenty-something British girl with a bit of an obsession with skincare, tea and McFly. I live in Lancashire, England with my parents, our Rottweiler Tyler and our cat Matilda.

Born from a love of pretty things, a tight budget, and too much free time while I was a student, The Indigo Hours (launched in 2011 as "Just Jess") has documented a lot of my life for the past few years; no-one is more surprised than me that I'm still here, still posting regularly, and still loving it! I write about a bit of everything (hence "lifestyle") - mainly beauty, but with bits of fashion, health & fitness, travel, craft, books, and plenty more thrown in. A re-brand in the beginning 2016 has allowed me to introduce new ideas to my blog and freshen up my content!

When I'm not blogging you'll probably find me at work - I'm an Assistant Psychologist, working with patients with physical health conditions - or asleep. I also like reading anything and everything, I swim a fair bit, and I also enjoy running, walking, cycling, and going to the gym - basically anything that doesn't involve too much sitting still.

Feel free to pop me an email (hello@theindigohours.co.uk) or tweet me (@TheIndigoHours); I love a good natter and am always up for making new friends!
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